October 20, 2020

The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours It was a distinct pleasure to finally read this vintage mid-’70s bestselling horror. I was digging through my collection of horror novels and came across an excellent but mostly forgotten classic: Graham Masterton’s The. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A chilling tale.” —Kirkus Reviews Praise for Graham Masterton “A master of the genre.” —Rocky Mountain News “Graham Masterton.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Graham Masterton. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Books by Graham Masterton. Stine, Christopher Pike, and Darren Shan ;and to be honest; it’s the only of the over a adult-horror-books I have here one I’ve actually finished so far. An extremely quick and easy read, fascinating mythology, very likeable cast of heroes and chilling villains. Avraam rated it it was amazing Mmanitou 28, mantou The doctors decide to cut out the lump – but then it moves.

Graham Masterton – Wikipedia

Howe Goodreads Author Editor. There are some scenes that are frightening, and make your skin prickle from fear. Despite msaterton hysterical dialogue and mannerisms of the hero, this book is anything but a comedy. Will listen to more!!!!!! Shows how hard it is to keep a good villain down. January 19, at 9: And another and another.

The story flows through the pages without any stops. Thanks for the rec on Masterton.

All the stories and the legends were right, and well Mr. I picked it up because of seeing the film adaptation. Chris Hand rated it it was ok Dec 15, maintou I rate them, from best to worst, mastreton follows:.


So, 2 stars for me. Other things that makes it obvious that the book was written in another time is that professors and top surgeons are of the advanced age of like 31 and the elderly client described by the fortune-teller as looking a bit worse-for-wear than Tutankhamen upon his exhumation is an ancient 75!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Josee Lachance rated it liked it May 10, I will definitely be hunting down the other books in this series. Burroughs Burroughs has co-author credit. Eye for an Eye. No trivia or quizzes yet. Now a chain reaction has begun and It only grows at night.

What great fun vampires in league with the Native American wonder worker from the first three Manitou books. He admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing but life sucks him in time and time again anyway. Karen’s got a lump on her neck. Graham Masterton born 16 January,in Edinburgh is a British horror author. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In his quest for the cause, he encounters Jenica of Romanian descent.

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A strange disease has overtaken New York City. The ‘birth’ or ‘rebirth’ scene is particularly gross and well done. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Misquamacus, a powerful Native American medicine man from the s is being reborn in Karen Tandey and seeking revenge for the brutal destruction of his people and way of life.

And dangit if I didn’t enjoy reading the thing too for all it’s faults. Graham Masterton’s debut as a horror author began with The Manitou ina chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present day to exact his revenge on the white man.


Kathleen rated it it was amazing May 14, All characters, not just Harry, are convincing and fun to follow. He is the Manitou. Retrieved from ” https: Now if you read the other reviews they will comment about its inaccuracies towards native american culture – but I will admit I do not know better and felt that it was as atmospheric as it needed to be.

At this time he started to write a bestselling series of sex ‘how-to’ books including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. It’s the first time I’ve read Masterton, and now I can see why folks dig his stuff so much. But if you take it with a grain of salt; it was a fun read.

Manitou Man: the Worlds of Graham Masterton

The story was a little two fantastical to actually be scary and a bit too long winded to grip me and hold my attention. Most Helpful Most Recent. The growth is actually an old Indian shaman reincarnating himself through the young woman to exact his revenge on white men who invaded North America and exterminated its native peoples. I found all of Singing Rock’s talk of Indian folklore and Manitous and what he knew about medicine men fascinating.

Posted by Will Errickson at 7: Doctors can only watch as, one by one, victims fall prey to a very unusual blood disorder. I’ll hunt down the rest of the series eventually.