July 3, 2020

PC Chips Support > MDLU > Main Support page, PCCWebSite/Products/?. Manuals and free instruction guides. Find the user manual. Manual for MDLU V Motherboard, Motherboard specification for MDLU V user manual PCChips Motherboard Manuals,PC Chips MDLU V.

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Mon Dec 31, 3: Thu Apr 14, 8: Fri Apr 15, Just bought one off ebay; I guess we will soon know I’ll post the results here. Wed Apr 20, 9: Wed Apr 20, 1: Fri Apr 22, And there’s no way to tell without having the actual board and manual on hand to play with. IMHO, they are the lowest quality, most poorly designed motherboards in existance.

I would not personally use one, even if I was paid to use it. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. There is another manua of this motherboard – v2.

PC CHIPS MDLU (V) – User manual

With a P4-M, vcore defaults to 1. Talk about crap motherboard, and false advertising Modified subject and first post with test results. I wouldn’t say that at all. IMHO, this has never referred to any particular amount of adjustment, nor whether it’s adjustable up or down. And with respect to this poorly worded prose on the K935dlu website, it talks about “flexible” voltage adjustment. It never says “manually adjustable” Vcore adjustment.



For all we know, it may have some sort of automatic Vcore adjustment depending on the FSB or the version of the processor itself. I’m certainly not any more savvy than the average geek, but I’ve always known that a vague advertising claim is just that, and that the actual amount and type of adjustment can, in no waybe determined without going into the BIOS and actually playing around. Every users manual that I’ve ever read makes some sort of a caveat about that, something like: People are posting stuff in that thread which is nothing but a cut ‘n paste from the users manual and is completely useless without actually being able 9m35dlu access the board’s BIOS itself.

And I totally agree with you that one should not trust the manufacturer claim and manual.

However I do not think we should condone Manufacturers putting vague wordings. Under UK consumer law it falls under the “misdescription of good and services” and is illegal.

In the case of this particular PC Chips, I do not think the wording was that vague, especially since it is part of an explanation of the motherboard overclocking features, which strongly suggest at least some degree of user control over the listed factors FSB and vcore. The website and manual clearly stated that the vcore was manually adjustable, and they even specified the range which showed it was undervoltable.


M935DLU motherboard manual – PC Chips M935DLU Motherboard

Of course when I went in the bios, it was not. I complained to AOpen and threatened them with legal action. Shortly after they changed all the motherboard manuals and website to avoid misleading consumers. Well yes I was quite surprised by their claim and decided to give it a try.

Got a motherboard cheaply on ebay, bundled with MB ram; quite a good deal m9355dlu, I should be able to more than recoup my costs by selling them separately.

To be honest, I have stress tested the motherboard and I think it is perfectly good. Quite a nice manuwl actually. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.