May 7, 2020

LEGO set database: Coastal Rescue Base. Find great deals for LEGO Town Classic Coastal Rescue Base (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. LEGO Instructions Set Number Coastal Rescue Base – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions.

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I know that US and Canadian sets that were sold in stores needed to have a piece count and they usually had the name of the set on the top of the box as well as the theme in the upper right corner.

Register a new account. I didn’t even know S H existed in the early 90s. The bottom of the boxes are different. Sets may be available in some European countries but not everywhere.

I’d like to know if there is any place where I can confirm kego sure if some of the classic sets are US only or not. Posted August 18, The address of the US offices only. An old favourite from my childhood.

No multiple linksthese are links that have already been posted, in a ,ego period. The was just a Google find searched “lego “. The box structure could be different, like the fact they didn’t use trays on mid-range legoland sets ie. It’s typical for US boxes. That means there are 4 different boxes for and probably a lot of other sets. I had it too! I got mine through S H leto it came in an EU box.


Posted August 17, edited. The piece count on the front for Legoland, on the side or on the front for System. I’ve for example two European boxes of the Fire Control Center, a yellow ‘Legoland’ one from and a blue ‘System’ one dated from Submit a new text post.

I do remember having seen a US box with ‘Town System’ written below ‘Legoland’ on the front but I can’t find any examples, I’m not sure though. I was digging through my old Lego’s in my parents attic so my kids could play with them and found the base along with the helicopter still intact. Packaging was outsourced to Samsonite which was also stated on the box. No hustling, slinging, or trading of products as posts or comments.

Posted August 8, You have described all the differences nicely. It’s strange, I’ve never seen an in European box Posted August 19, Check What a great set.

I’ve more experience with town legp. Thanks for the info. In the case ofthe set was released in atleast one European country: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


I don’t see 6837 in my US catalogs and it seems no US sellers has one for sale on bricklink. But US S H sets usually did not have a piece count, theme or name on them.

LEGO Town Classic Coastal Rescue Base (6387)

Mod Announcement show only. The coastal base set mentioned above was only available in the UK regular issue there and on a very limited base in The Netherlands which is why there’s a European style box. All the 1xxx town sets are either promotional or limited releases, usually exclusive to a store chain and limited to one or a few countries. Coastal Rescue Base [Photo]. Photo Essay show only.

An old favourite from my childhood. Coastal Rescue Base from : lego

I don’t call this ‘available in Europe’. Accessory track is a whole different animal. I found a picture of a European box.