November 21, 2020

I have in my library the two volumes of Cortazar’s short stories, so I grabbed Volume 1 I opened the book randomly: Las Babas del Diablo. Las babas del diablo (part 1). Date Monday, November 21, at The first part of a short .. Cortázar, Category Spanish literature and film, Category. Las babas del diablo (part 2). Date Thursday, November 24, at .. Cortázar, Category Spanish literature and film, Category Translation.

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But the threads of the Virgin are also what we call the drool of the devil, or, more commonly, a cobweb. Let’s go down the stairs of this house, Sunday, the seventh of November, just a month ago. When I saw the man coming, stopping near them and watching them, his hands in his pockets with an air of something between rushed and demanding, an owner about to whistle for his dog after the latter’s frolicking about the square, I understood, if this was to be understood, what had to have been happening, what had to have happened, what would have had to happen at that moment, between these people, over there where I had arrived to disrupt a certain order, innocently interfering in that which had not happened but which now was about to happen, which now was about to be fulfilled.

At two o’clock sharp, perhaps at three o’clock sharp, one found him dressed and fed by his parents, but without a cent to his name, having to deliberate with his comrades before choosing a coffee, a cognac, or a pack of cigarettes. And then another, and instead at times everything becomes gray, everything is an enormous cloud, and suddenly the splashes of rain crackle, and for a long time it rains on this face, like crying in reverse, and little by little the picture becomes clear, perhaps the sun comes out, and once again the clouds appear, in twos and threes.

Blow up (Las Babas del Diablo) – Dacnard – life beyond the framelines

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I believe that the almost furtive trembling of the leaves of the tree did not alarm me, that I followed a sentence already begun and I rounded it out nicely.

In any case, when one is abroad with a camera one is almost obliged to be attentive, so as not to lose that rough and delicious career of sunlight on an old stone, or the dancing braids of a girl returning with a loaf or a bottle of milk.

Ripley film The Talented Mr. Before he left, and now that my memories have been filled for many days since I am prone to rumination, I decided not to lose a moment more. The protagonist-narrator is Roberto Michel, a French-Chilean translator whose consuming passion is photography, to which he devotes much of his spare time.


In the end, it might have occurred that the man with the newspaper had been attentive to what was happening and felt, like I, the malignant aftertaste of all expectations. While sitting in a small park a month earlier, Michel had been intrigued by his observation of an encounter between a mature, fortyish woman and a boy of perhaps 15 years.

You can read the original here. Lists with This Book. I they saw the moon rise, or: Spiritblue rated it liked it Dec 21, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This was what I saw when I opened my eyes and dried them with my hands: The first part of a short story “The drool of the devil,” commonly known as “Blow-up” after this film which it inspired by this Argentine. What remains to be said is always a cloud, two clouds, or long hours of perfectly clear sky, rectangular purism hammered in with pins in the wall of my room.

The boy was less embarrassed than mistrustful; once or twice he gazed beyond the woman’s shoulder and she went on talking, explaining something that made her keep looking over to the area where, Michel knew full well, the car with the man in the gray hat was located, carefully omitted in the photo but reflected in the vel eyes and how could one doubt this now the woman’s words, in the woman’s hands, in the woman’s vicarious presence.

Spiritblue rated it liked it Dec cortazaf, Perfection, yes, because here the shortcoming of having to tell a story likewise involves a machine of another kind, a Contax 1. The reader realizes that the latter phrase is equally relevant when Michel discovers yet another actor in the momentary street drama, a man resembling “a flour-powdered clown” watching from a parked car, apparently waiting for the woman to procure the boy for him.

What I most remember is the sneer of his mouth that covered his face in wrinkles, vacillating somewhat in location and form because his mouth was quivering and his grimace slipped from one side of his lips to the other like something independent and alive, something alien to the will. Post a New Comment Enter your information below to add a new comment.

Las babas del diablo (part 1) – Journal –

And at that instant I managed to see how a great bird out of focus swooped down once before my eyes, and I leaned against the wall of my room and was happy because the boy had just escaped, I saw him running, again in focus, fleeing with all his hair in the wind, learning at last to fly over the isle, reach the footbridge, and go back to the city. Thanks, Quixote, for pointing out this curious omission must not have pasted correctly.


In my heart I was content with myself: He found two or three test shots that he had already forgotten, a feeble attempt to capture a coetazar perched on the roof of a urinal alley, as well as the photo of the blonde woman and the adolescent.

March 17, deeblog. And I said two gusts of green mud. Let’s be fair, however: It did not occur to him now he wonders and wonders that only the photos of the Ministry merited so much work.


For my part I didn’t care much about relinquishing the roll of film, but anyone who knows me knows that you have to ask me willingly for things. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The woman said that no one had the right to take a photo without permission and demanded that I hand over the roll of film. You’re welcome, MHE, and thanks for your comments!

There was no one there apart from a couple and, of course, some pigeons, perhaps one of those lass now as far as I can see. The story should be complete now. Deeblog book reviews, film reviews, translations, essays. June 16, Quixote. He pinned the enlargement on a wall of the room and that first day he spent a while gazing at it and remembering it in that comparative and melancholy operation of remembrance in the face of lost reality; his frozen memory, like every photo in which nothing was missing, not even and most of all nothing, the lad scene setter.

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And, therefore, what I oas imagined was far less horrible than the reality, this woman who was not here for herself, who was not caressing or proposing or breathing for her own pleasure, or to capture that disheveled angel and toy with his terror and his yearning grace.

The important thing, the truly important thing, was to have abetted the boy in his timely escape disblo in the event that my theories were correct, which has not been sufficiently tested, but the flight itself seemed to show that they were.

Blow up (Las Babas del Diablo)

Most of the events go by unnoticed, they happen in the middle of something else. Astrid rated it liked it Aug 16, Dkablo also makes you wonder what extraordinary situations lay behind a picture.

His life is external to the occur-rence narrated, but tangential thereto.