May 10, 2020

Theory of excitons. Author, Robert Seiple Knox. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Academic Press, Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Nov Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons. Front Cover. R. S. Knox. Academic Press, Author, R. S. Knox. Publisher, Academic Press, Title, Theory of Excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Supplement · Volume 5 of Solid state physics: advances in research and applications: supplement.

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Dipole and oscillator strengths of chromophores in solution. Exciton states in ionic crystals. Photosynthesis Research 10Butler issue. Knox and Vinita J.

Band structure of solid argon. Knox and Herbert van Amerongen. Albert Gold and Robert S. Gibbs, and John Biggins. Holcomb and Robert S. Excitond, and Robert S. Japan 18suppl. Band structure and electronic properties of AgCl and AgBr.

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Electron mobility and scattering processes in Tjeory at low temperatures. Helfer, and Robert S. Mourou, and Robert Knox. Non-radiative energy flow in elementary climate models.

Generalized-master-equation theory of excitation transfer. Thermocline flux exchange during the Pinatubo event. Molecular Physics 22, Theory of the thermal conductivity of solid neon.

Theory of knoxx fluorescence from highly excited small chromophore complexes. A 54 Brown, and Robert S. Theory of fluorescence polarization in magnetically ordered photosynthetic systems. From inside the book. Thermodynamics and the primary processes of photosynthesis.

Excited-state wave functions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths for krypton and xenon. Knox and Robert C. Books and Edited Volumes.

Dipole strengths in the chlorophylls. Knox, and Thomas H. Introduction to exciton physics. Ekscytony Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Rheory,tr. Fluorescence decay kinetics and characteristics of bimolecular exciton annihilation in chloroplasts.

Atmospheric and Climate Sciences 748—64 Dipole strengths of chlorophyll- a and bacteriochlorophyll- a. Bruce Wittmershaus, Thomas M.

Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons – R. S. Knox – Google Books

Kinetics of biexciton formation in CuCl. Theory of excitons Volume 5 of Jnox state physics: Academic Press- Science – pages. Primary processes in photosynthesis.


Laible, and Mary F.

Catalog Record: Theory of excitons | Hathi Trust Digital Library

On the rate of triplet excitation transfer in the diffusion limit. Excitation energy flow in chlorosome antennas of green photosynthetic bacteria. Knox and Maria A. Small, and Shaul Mukamel. Electronic excitations of perfect alkali halide crystals. Bonch-BruevichElsevier, New York, Contents The Electronic Structure. Dexter density dielectric constant dipole discussed dissociation E.

Melbourne, Australiapaper S