May 13, 2020

: Be Still My Vampire Heart: Love at Stake, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): Kerrelyn Sparks, Donna Rawlins, HarperAudio: Books. When a beautiful mortal starts slaying vampires in Central Park, the Vamps Be Still My Vampire Heart is the third full-length novel in the Love at Stake Series. So far, I’ve really been enjoying Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stake series. engaged in fun and exciting stories, and Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception.

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View all 3 comments. There is far more politics involved in vampire slaying than Emma understands, and as she gradually learns more about the Malcontents bad vampiresher safety is put at risk. It does not mean he could not have been a gentleman, but he only inherited a castle, he was not raised in one. Emma definitely veers into TSTL territory.

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She had knowledge of Scottish objects but didn’t fight in a Scottish manner or use Scottish weapons. I get that the author is trying to show that it can be good even if it’s not “perfect”, but just once I’d like to see something easy.

In fact all of the vampires are kind and gentle and I’m beginning to adore all of them.

If the book had a different narrator I’m sure the story would have been better. Ada pesan moral juga dalam buku ini. It was sharp and clever, showing just how intelligent both characters are. Angus was already one of my favorites but I hadn’t counted on liking Emma that much.

And I like when she bantering with Angus. Don’t have a Kindle? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Emma is my kind of heroine. And it’s her job to kill him. This is the third book in the Love at Stake series. Me encanto la forma en la que se conocieron y sus conversaciones eran tan dulces que me hacian suspirar todo el tiempo.


Be Still My Vampire Heart (Love at Stake, #3) by Kerrelyn Sparks

Angus contradicts himself much throughout the novel, and his final actions in the end of the book annoy me to the point where I just stop liking him. Sadly, however, the previous reviews regarding the perforamance for “Be Hearr My Vampire Heart” were not wrong.

They also share wickedly witty banter that I loved. Undead or Alivea newborn African American vamp who turns out to be some good comic relief, but whose libido gets himself into a heap of trouble.

Though it should please her fans, Sparks’s latest probably won’t win her any new readers in a market saturated with vampire-human love stories. The only good vampire is a dead vampire.

Be Still My Vampire Heart

I felt every emotion in this book. Why or why not? How cute is that?! I really like Emma. She is part of Stake Out Team, and also the slayer of the vampire. Angus is charged with stop Sweet, romantic, fun and sexy.

Be Still My Vampire Heart Audiobook | Kerrelyn Sparks |

Emma knows the truth about vampires – that they are all evil. The first one was a solid read, though not great, the second one was better, though I hated the contrived ending, and this one just stil apart.

The impassioned speech he gave Emma about how it was a man’s duty and privilege to pleasure a woman was totally smokin’ hot. January 4 I listened to this book as a reread and loved it just as much the second time round. Give as a gift.


How awkward would that have been? They really add a lot of variety and flavor to the stories, and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know each of them better as I continue the series.

Beberapa kali stilk menemukan repetisi kalimat yg mengulang-ulang ttg motivasi Emma dlm membalas dendam, tapi author lupa bhw sampai dgn di ending cerita, Emma dan Angus lupa utk menemukan siapa vampire pembunuh sebenarnya yg membunuh orangtua Emma. He’s so terribly sweet and adorable and at the same time, he sounds ridiculously hot!! Ok, that one was so much better. These books should still be appropriate for most mature teens and sensitive readers. Angus realized, maybe this is Stake Out Team responsibilities, sparls he go to Central Park to warn the slayer.

What kerrelny amazing writer you are.

Makes me believe that the publisher takes a “who’s up next” attitude toward choosing narrators and they should be ashamed! Connor, Ian, Gregori, laszlo Angus MacKay, Highlander leader of the British coven and responsible for security in the vampire world, is called to New York to solve the vampire hunter problem.

The story flowed very smoothly, even with the additional bit with Shanna and the baby. I can’t wait to read about what happens to Ian. The series has kerreyln lot of potential.