May 3, 2020

John Ruskan is the author of Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 59 ratings, 10 reviews, published ), Emotional Clearing ( avg rating, 8 ratings. “Ruskan’s Emotional Clearing is full of useful insights into emotional healing, and from John Ruskan- . “Ruskan has achieved a challenging and difficult task. Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional John Ruskan, Author Broadway Books $25 (p) ISBN

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I am so excited about this program and I feel you will be too if you get a sample of it that I am willing to let you listen to the entire fmotional minute program for free! Making Friends with Death.

Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life. Acceptance does not necessarily mean accepting negative people or circumstances. What I realized was that these feelings were emotionla coming from my suppressed emotional subconscious and just attaching to people and circumstances outside myself.

Indeed, at this point, I regard the metaphysical tools of the East, such as meditation, breathwork, and bodywork to be essential in this approach to clearing feelings.

I already know a lot about Eastern philosophy, so much that I hadn’t read any for years, but all of what I had been exposed to was old schoolif I may use that term. All this even though I’m trying my best to keep up a dedicated meditation and Yoga practice, trying to be conscious of the Karma I am generating, trying to be a “loving and spiritual” person.

Good basic how to on emotional clearing through accepting and feeling the emotion. The inner resistance that blocks full feeling occurs on a mental level but it can take a certain behavioral form, which may need to be adjusted.

Emotional Clearing OM Page

Approach and reverse depression from an energetic viewpoint. They can be found on his website www. It refers primarily to your feelingsas they are, relative to the negative people or circumstances.


One of the few consoling realizations is that I am certainly emotiona, alone.

Emotional Clearing: A Groundbreaking East West Guide to Unconditional Happiness

A Guide to Awakening. This is how I have been making a living. He presents a revolutionary synthesis of Eastern and Western psychological principles that will empower the reader to release negative suppressed feelings and end the havoc they can cause, transforming all levels of their being.

Inbecause of the grass-roots popularity of the book, Random House put out a hardcover, revised version. Why would I do this, I asked? ECP offers distinctive and well-informed insights about transformational psychology. Look at the feeling from the perspective of the first two steps if you haven’t already: What I see is that we are all in emotional turmoil, including, and possibly especially, those of us on the consciousness path, because we are in the process of leaving behind old rigid structures that have served to keep us propped up and feelings held down and suppressed.

Even feelings from years, or life-times ago, are stored in the subconscious. The old school never really recognized negative feelings – just be spiritual, it said. How to Control Your Anger. Based on a unique fusion of proven Eastern spiritual and Western psychological principles, ECP provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use inner process that will enable you to release the built-up, negative subconscious.

It was very descriptive and not entertaining. The answer came that it was in order to bring up the suppressed feelings for clearing. Learn how to manage the feelings your relationship triggers. Feb 28, Julie Chai rated it it was amazing.

All these are addictions; ways of unconsciously but deliberately avoiding the feelings. This doesn’t mean just intellectually reading or listening to a left-brain informational tape about the work, but being taken through an experiential right-brain training that gets you doing the process naturally and easily, developing your capacity, enabling you to get results right away, even from the very first week!

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

This book, like it says, comprehensively explores and utilizes both eastern and western philosophy to help the rskan grow and move through emotional problems and limitations. Activating the Third Eye chakra brings about an integration of left and right brains, and so reduces resistance to emotional experience, releasing the feelings, and you can do this without the help of a therapist if you want.


The Book of Love and Creation. How I would blame, blame, blame, and unconsciously blame more. If you ever feel you need extra support and guidance, we are ready to be there for you! Should I lash out, should I hurt people who hurt me, should I yell and attack and get it off my chest?

And if this energy is negative – painful, angry, fearful, full of failure, etc – that’s what you draw to yourself. Transcend psychological dependency by recognizing and overcoming attachment.

For me, Emotional Clearing work has become central to my path. In projection, it would appear that someone or something was responsible for my experience.

John Ruskan (Author of Emotional Clearing)

Thoughts do not have this characteristic. The Path of the Yoga Sutras. This new teacher had things to say that I had never heard. I also believe that emotions can effect us spiritually and physically if we don’t process them as needed. December 1, Imprint: In our journey of consciousness, we must clear the planes in ascending order: We think that if we only had that perfect relationship with our spouse, lover, co-workers, or children, we’d be happy.

Conquer Your Johb of Flying. I want to reach as many people as possible with what I have to offer, not just the few who can afford to hire me to work with them one-to-one.