September 17, 2020

JBL PRX 15 in. Two-Way Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement System W continuous. The 2-way 15″; the most recognizable form of portable PA. Someone has 2 JBL PRX speakers with covers for $ I’m not familiar with this particular model, and since it’s discontinued, there’s not a. JBL’s PRX 15″ 2-Way Self Powered Speaker/Monitor is an integral part of the PRX series. It provides a perfect balance between size and performance.

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They look to be in good shape. Jun 14, 4. Take a look at some of the current offerings. Jun 14, Playback Tape, CD, Tuner. Same issue with anything. You should be able to get your money back in a few years at that price. Many of the failures for powered speakers are switching supply failures due to dried out electrolytic caps, thermal breakdowns, solder breakdowns and fracture from transport and natural internal vibration.

All are longtime prs515 that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. I had some s and still have a pair of PRXs that my band uses.


JBL PRX ลำโพง 15 in. Two-Way Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement System W continuous

Yer BluesJun 14, Thanks again for your help. Jun 15, Do you prx551 have an account? Yamaha DBR series are as good if not better and still have a 7 yr warranty. Any opinions on these JBL speakers? The CNCmachined steel grille wraps around the sides of the enclosure so there are no protruding lips on the front of the box to create acoustical interference.

You can buy current day stuff for a little more used or new. Wrap around heavy duty steel grille provides protection without obstructing performance.

Jun 14, 6. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. Yes, my password is: I don’t know of anything that is significantly cheaper that sounds as good as the Meyers.

There are no DIY fixes for them and most are now board replacement type repairs so turnaround time is fairly quick. Always have a backup. Have cooling fans and are very solid.

They have been discontinued for a while. Personally I’d stay away.

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Jvl blamed the gear for the gig loss. They are pretty decent boxes. Thanks for all of the replies. The problem is you could spend a little more and get some new speakers that sound as good or better. I have 4 PRX m that I use for floor wedges.


JBL Prx 2-way 15″ Speaker Amps Only | eBay

You can get brand new powered speakers that are probably better for same or similar price. I’ve been watching Craigslist for a while, but there’s not a lot prd515 sale. Signal present and overload lights indicate the system status and assist in setting the optimum level, via the level control knob.

Jun 14, 7.

Polypropylene end-caps enhance durability. We’re just looking for some decent speakers to use for now while we save for the Meyers.

I didn’t know that these were possibly a decade old. He was also having issues with the hf diver. When it comes to powered speakers, regardless of brand you buy, if they fail you are out a speaker until you get it fixed.