May 1, 2020

The Anome (Durdane, #1), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra (Durdane, #3), and Durdane. One of life’s great pleasures is hunting out old Jack Vance paperbacks. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a. The Demon Princes was the first major series Jack Vance wrote—or at least started. Begun in with The Star King, the effort proved difficult.

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This leads to Etzwane’s discovering the identity of the Anome, who, strangely passive, refuses to mobilize the armies of Shant against the aliens. There is little resolution at the end of The Anome, however, so you should immediately begin reading The Brave Free Men for a satisfactory continuation of the story.

It’s been so long, I don’t remember much, but I do remember I enjoyed it.

Jul 23, Jeske rated it really liked it Shelves: The ending is really quite extraordinary, and bleaker still than the Demon Princes Gersen at least has got the durdnae. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Sects of various types illustrate the way that religion and faith can so easily dominate an otherwise rational population to the detriment of freedom, love and compassion. The Faceless Man has decided to peacefully co-exist with The Roguskhoi and Etzwane is dead set against that course of action.

Peopled by believable characters who interact with a strange politeness within the overly controlled society they inhabit, the world is disturbingly odd and yet familiar. He and Ifness decide to use a power vehicle from Earth to visit Caraz to investigate. This is the second time I’ve read this series and I liked it even better this time. The Asutra also brought a more satisfying conclusion to the Durdane Chronicles.

The Anome (Durdane, #1) by Jack Vance

The society is bit backward technologically, relying on horses, wagons, and a system of passenger blimps. The inhabitants of this strange world, orbiting a binary star system, have degenerated into a great number of disparate tribes, all with their own specific beliefs and prejudices.

First published in serialised in two parts in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction it was only the second series he completed, after the four Planet of Adventure novels, having apparently abandoned the Demon Princes series after three novels in Described on durdabe back cover of the Coronet edition I read, as Science Fantasy, this novel was first published inand is the first of a trilogy.


The Durdane trilogy was originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fictionin six parts, two per novel, between February and June Lists with This Book. Different Faceless Men have ruled the country for over a thousand years and during their rule there has been durdanee war and very little crime.

Durdane by Jack Vance

Although the three books are not the very finest Vance has written, I found them fascinating, easy to read and vabce and rurdane them to all Vance fans.

His determination to act when all around him those in power are determined not to act is endearing. His adventures include his development as a musician, petitioning of the Faceless Man for his mothers freedom, meeting his father who does not know he even exists and dealing with the increasingly murderous creatures called Roguskhoi who attack his hometown. The protagonist in The Anome is Gastel Etzwane who was originally named Mur but chose his new name just prior to entering an all male religious community called the Ecclesiarch.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I suppose if I was aware vanfe my head would blow off if I broke a law, I gance never commit the simplest infraction. Invadozer Misothorax Circular-thallus Popewaffensquat rated it really liked it Jan 03, De toekomst er in zijn ogen niet bepaald aanlokkelijk uit.

He never knew his father, who is a very famous wandering musician, and his father does not even know he exists.

Vance is always enjoyable to read, but thus seemed a lesser work.

Durdane series

The citizens of Shant do not know where these monstrous humanoid creatures came from but suspect that a neighboring country might have created them from cloning to use as a weapon against the Shant. Sandro rated it really liked it Apr 13, What seemed like an ending after The Brave Free Men was actually only an intermission before the storyline took some twists and continued to develop until the underlying mystery was finally revealed and we arrived at a more complete resolution.

A friend of mine described it as “melancholy”, but I think it goes beyond that to nihilistic. On the The Dying Earth, I actually have the “tribute” volume Songs of the Dying Earth unread, and thought of re-reading the Dying Earth Books before moving on to them, perhaps on a similar sort of time scale to my Lovecraft read-through.


This is the second time I’ve read thi The Anome is the first book of the three part Durdane series.

I would still recommend it to a Vance fan, who would love it simply for the clever world building and the magic of Jack Vance’s words. This purification ritual is extremely painful and is used as much as a punishment for rule breakers as for any reasons of piety. The Anome Durdane 1 by Jack Vance. Durdane is a place where defiance is punished with death. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

May 13, Peter rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s ruled by an anonymous law enforcer called The Anome or The Faceless Man because no one knows who he is or what he looks like. I rated The Asutra a 5.

When scientists, for example, are asked to invent new more advanced weapons to supplement their swords and crossbows, the scientists want to know exactly what weapons the Faceless Man wants. Nice wrap-up of Durdane which I despite being a Vance fanatic only just finished, thanks to borrowing, via interlibrary loan, the Vance Integral Edition of Durdane. I wish someone would reissue the Durdane trilogy.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

He again encounters Ifness, the visitor from Earth, and learns more about the Asutra, an intelligent, alien creature that controlled the Roguskhoi soldiers who had attacked Shant. Alfons rated it really liked it Feb 26, In the end, the Durdane Chronicles is more quality work from Vance that, in many ways, may be an unintended magnum opus. And, of course, this is the story of a young man who decides he’s going to change things.


Durdane Series

The reader is a stranger here but finds empathy with the main character, the hero, introduced durdanf Mur but maturing through ritual to become Etzwane. All citizens may petition the Faceless Man for a hearing or decision on issues of concern. He won both of science fiction’s most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards.