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Text. Hevajra Tantra, the King of Tantras (Skt. Hevajranāmatantrarāja; Tib. ཀྱེའི ་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་རྒྱུད་ཀྱི་རྒྱལ་པོ་, Wyl. kye’i. A Buddhist Tantra of twenty chapters, thought to have originated in the eighth century. The name is based on the male deity Hevajra, a personified symbol for the. THE core of this work is an edition of the Hevajra-tantra, based upon a. Nepalese manuscript, which was kindly lent me by Professor Giuseppe Tucci. This text.

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Yet how does it not exist, for one certainly sees it? Similarly ‘after that the fourth thus’. The Muktavali incorporates and amplifies the interpretation found in the Yogaratnamala. Mark Dyczkowski for his appraisal and constructive criticism of our translation. S has the most satisfactory solution: They were the foremost exponents of the tantric method by virtue of their own direct personal experience of the instructions given to them by their own gurus.

If one wishes to cause the vomiting forth of intoxicants, one should imagine the syllable mam on the navel of the patient. It was in this rite that the young Khubilai, later to be khan of all the Mongols, was initiated by one of their abbots, hGro-dGon hPhags-pa. Hevajra’s remaining right hands hold a sword, arrow, wheel, skull cup, club, trident and hook; the remaining left hands hold a lotus, bow, trident, skull, jewel, threatening forefinger and noose.

Running up the centre of the body a third vein is imagined. Wenn sich der Upaya d.

The second consecration is the practice ofthe Sole Hero method which was to be performed until some tdxt was accomplished. Regarding the concealed essence evam and its application it is said in the root treatise: Other incidental references appear in the notes.

He wears a necklace of fifty freshly severed human heads. Hebajra the commentary it is said that there are four types of practitioners, who are of the mild, medium, strong and strongest sensibilities.

The actual passages that he quotes, come from no normal tantra- they are always explanatory and doctrinal, and it is fext this work that he frequently refers when he is seeking the figurative meaning of a passage.

All the sadhanas of Nairatmya preserved in the Sadhanamala are by their very nature related. In his carya songs, Krsnacarya proclaims himself to be a Kapalika Yogi. Strange as it may seem this method is similar in result to death where the resolution of the body and mind into the Enlightened Consciousness initially occurs. The attitude the yogi should have while performing his daily hevanra is given. Therefore, in India the moral welfare of the practitioners and the correct attitude towards the radical practices of the tantric lineages was guarded by the careful selection method employed by the tantric gums.


Now another volume might be added, compiled from other commentaries — and perhaps pre- tqntra with maturer observations.

Sacred Texts: Hevajra Tantra

Once mastery of their view-points is gained the perception of the tantric method of practice will become clearer. Now the four- fold consecration of the tantric tradition will be described.

The days auspicious for the meeting are given. If the Hevajra Tantra is quoting the words of Saraha it would heavjra that the Hevajra Tantra was composed during or after Saraha’s time. Y et he was also able to be completely assured in the intellectual hotbeds of the great monas- teries and universities. This opening state- ment of doctrine begins with the crucial phrase evam maya srutam Thus have I heard.

For a general discussion of these siddhas and a comparison of their various name-lists see Tucci, TPS, pp. The method ehvajra the Wisdom Consecration is defined. It is recounted in the Chakrasamvara Tantra and it’s commentaries as related in MK that the world was once ruled by Bhairavathe wrathful form of Mahadevawho made the land of Magadha the seat of his power.

Yet it would seem that as good literature the sutras scarcely excel the tantras, nor are their credentials much better. Now it is hsvajra least under- standable for a man to train himself to hevqjra all phenomenal things as essentially unreal, if he can hope to experience the final bliss associated with that experience in or at the end of his present life.

From the view of the Process ofPerfection. The nature of the Innate knowledge that arises in the Hevwjra of the Y ogini and the nature of the lord and his beloved are mentioned. But what is your own mandala like, O Lord? It is in fact in the tantras that are realized to some extent the serious consequences referred to above, but only to some extent, for the process is checked by the conservative tendencies represented by the Yogdcdras, and the whole movement remains essentially Buddhist after all, as subsequent developments show.

The transformation from the state of bondage to a state of release by means ofthe True Principle is emphasized. During the application ofthe Process gevajra Perfection these are the sources which are utilized in the actualization of the Mahamudra Accomplishment. The Hevajra-tantra belongs to the Vajra-family, of which Aksobhya or one of hext wrathful manifestations, Hevajra, Heruka, or Sam heevajra is the head.


It is one of the so-called ” Three Holy Places of Tibet “, associated with the bodyspeechand mind aspects of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi. It is my hope this introduction to the compositional style and contents of the Hevajra Tantra and the Yogaratnamala will assist the reader to clearly perceive the refined and subtle tantric method of Wisdom and Means evolved and utilized in the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism.

Hevajra Tantra

The tantric system of language analysis found in the Hevajra Tantra and Yogaratnamala will now be demonstrated. When unified these transmitters of the genetic codes will go on to form the body and the basic natures of the mind. Dohakosa, Calcutta Sanskrit Series 25c. The worship ofthe goddess Kurukulla is described.

This is so because the radical concepts of this kind of religious method cannot be properly understood or assimilated from the cosy view-point of conformism or orthodoxy. Among these three veins are the chief, Lalana, Rasana, and Avadhiiti. In this one envisages a crossed- vajra, symbol of the absolute centre, and then at the heart of this the syllable hum which is the essence of Heruka or Hevajra.

A Buddhist Chronicle Set of 3 Volumes. From these stabilized meditative states the various psychic powers arise. Ras-chung made several visits to Nepal in the early twelfth century, where he seems to have met Maitrpa alias -Advayavajra or a manifestation of him, pp. In this Preface xv expanding assembly of devotees there is a lack, due to language barriers, of available, basic, root, study material regarding the origins of today’s tradition. The identifications may gevajra arbitrary and even contradictory, as one will see if one begins to apply the theory beyond the given examples of our tantra.

In turn the effect of the interplay of these traits with the senses and the subsequent reactions and responses go on to create the fully formed personality.