July 27, 2020

A good occasion to take a look at Genna Sosonko’s new book “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”, a fine memoir of one of the most. Chess-News will offer you the detailed coverage of the event, namely Genna Sosonko will be on the spot to share everything he will see in. We will talk to Genna Sosonko who was present at the historical Blitz Match between Kasparov and Short or “veterans” match as one of its.

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A pared-down version of review has been printed in the August gehna of Chess Life. A penultimate and unedited version of the review is reproduced here. Minor differences may exist between this and the printed version. My thanks to the good folks at Chess Life for allowing me to do so.

Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi.

The Rise and Fall of David Bronstein. F Hutton talks, people listen. Such was my reaction when I read a post-Candidates Tournament interview with Fabiano Caruana at chess.

Peter Doggers asked Caruana about his pre-event preparation, which, as one might expect, involved a lot of opening study. How that preparation looked in practice, however, might seem rather surprising. The other guys [Chirila, Dominguez, Ramirez, and Kasimdzhanov — jh] worked on openings most of the time genna while they were doing it, I solved a lot of studies.

Also, a lot of training games, a lot of blitz games. I would say most of the opening work I did was not opening work. I have to admit that my ears perked up, proverbially speaking, when I read this.

Perhaps more relevant were the confluence of strong Grandmaster endorsements for this training strategy. They have to do the work to find it. There is no shortage of good sources for studies.

Journals like EG bring new studies to your mailbox quarterly. A key difficulty faced by many new solvers, and common to genn of the titles listed above, is that most studies are not suitable for the novice. The solutions are too long to calculate, and the positions are too cluttered and artificial. In these six books, one devoted to each of the six different chessmen, the Ukranian composer Sergei Tkachenko offers studies with solutions no longer than six moves deep.


Note that each of the six books bears the same title, with the only change being the thematic piece featured therein. White has an unenviable position — his king is dancing with checkmate… For example: Nxe6 Nf7 not given in the book.

A few points are worth mentioning here.

By truncating the study, Tkachenko removes some interesting xosonko, but he also makes it much more reasonable a task for mortal solvers. There is also a typo in the text. Elk and Ruby makes use of print-on-demand POD technology across its list. There are, as Rubin admits, also downsides to this hybrid model.

A fascinating memoir: Genna Sosonko’s “Evil-Doer: Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi”

We see one in the example above. Why puncture the venna of the happy-go-lucky defender of human creativity against computer onslaught — his battles in the Ageon tournaments are the stuff of legend! About my entire life. How can I convey a whole set gehna prejudices gennna beliefs without relying on the words everyone once understood? You see, many aspects of the distinct atmosphere of the s and s in the USSR are now gone. Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi is more positive, and more much palatable.

His seven Master Chess pamphlets are available on Amazon and worth your attention. Hansen has three series currently in print: I have not seen titles from the third. In Chess Miniaturesthe games are no longer than 25 moves long, while in Winning Quickly at Chessgames are limited to 15 moves. All combatants are rated at least in both cases.

So readers can expect master-level games in specific openings where one side wins quickly, and the idea is that some knowledge of typical traps and tactics can be discerned by playing through them. In principle, this sounds wonderful.

In practice, genan, I have my doubts. Flank Openingsa title in the Winning Quickly series. This is a new move, and a mistake. Hansen gives 13 lines of game citations in the notes, including some verbal discussion of key alternatives.

Most of sosonkp action and spilt ink takes place in the citation of sosonk alternatives, and not in the analysis of the actual games under discussion. This is especially true in the self-published volumes, which may sosonkk partially attributable to the games being shorter, and the errors occurring with divergences from theory.


Take one a day to be a better chess player. Readers are advised in the preface to take the book as a series of lessons, one per day, where a miniature of 20 moves or less is analyzed, one or more questions are asked, and a supplementary game wraps things up.

For me, this last bit is rather artificial, but the book stands on its own as an outstanding games collection. Soltis is as reliable an author as sosonnko gets, and his analysis here is concise and to the point.

Gennadi Sosonko – Wikipedia

Many of the games are uncommon or unknown, and more than a few are missing from my nearly 10 million game database. To get from a bad opening to a playable middlegame may require some backtracking. Black now sees 7. Black would have to admit sosonoo sixth and seventh moves were bad if he continued 9. But then would get to play a middlegame.

Genna Sosonko: “Do You Know Who Was the Most Famous Swiss Chess Sponsor?”

Such efforts can feel artificial and astro-turfed. Hutton moment a few weeks ago. Nxe6 Nf7 not given in the book 2. At first glance it looks like white has used up all of his defensive resources… And yet: Bg5 Alternatives are discussed in 11 lines of opening references.

Rb3 Qf6 0—1 Most of the action and spilt ink takes place in the citation of opening alternatives, and not in the analysis of the actual games under discussion. Qxc4 because he would threaten Kf8 Better than Nxf6and This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: