January 13, 2021

SSA is the basic form all Social Security disability claimants must fill out to apply for Social Security disability benefits. You may fill it out yourself or, if it. Create a Form Ssa Bk in minutes using a step-by-step template. A Form SSA BK is known as an Adult Disability Report. DISABILITY REPORT – ADULT – Form SSABK. If you need help with this form, do as much of it as you can, and your interviewer will help you finish it.

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If the applicant underwent evaluations or treatment while incarcerated, you can add this information to either section 8 or 9. List the jobs up to 5 that the applicant has had in the 15 years before he or she became unable to work. It is important for SSA to know if an applicant needed to change job duties or hours worked based on their conditions.

It is important to answer that the SOAR representative is completing the report, so that SSA and DDS know that the applicant needed assistance in gathering details and filling out the form. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Questions in this section are broken down into three different parts, depending on it they have never worked, stopped working, or are continuing to work. Applicants may be approved on a combination of physical and mental health conditions, so it is important to be comprehensive in this section.

Also, be sure to prepare the people that you have listed on this form so that they will be expecting a call from the SSA.

Please let us know if any links on this page stop working. Hours per day, days per week, and rate of pay. List all brand name or generic medicines the applicant is taking, including those prescribed by a doctor and any over-the-counter medicines, to treat his or her physical and mental conditions.


Social Security Disability Form 3368: Adult Disability Report

If you list substance use as a condition that limits his or her ability to work, you need to include substantial evidence that the use is not material to his or her disability. If possible, collect this information from the prescription s or prescription bottles. If the applicant did not have enough space in the sections of 3386 report to enter the requested information, use this area for additional information.

Expensive, but cheaper than hiring a lawyer. Make 3638 to answer honestly and to include the applicable dates when they are requested.

How to Fill out Form SSA

If you have had more than one job, skip the rest of the section and move on to Section 7. Complete information is essential. Tips and ideas for answering questions: Tips and ideas for answering questions:. This can be a friend, relative, coworker, or anyone else who can attest to your disability. Please do not list your current medical doctor in this section, you will be asked for his or her information later on. Sometimes they do not do 368 interview now, but wait until after you are approved.

For the application to be considered a SOAR-assisted application, case managers must provide all the materials discussed previously, i. firm

How to Fill out form SSA-3368

Obviously, it is ideal to have your disability claim approved when you first put it through. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. No matter how you apply, the questions are all the same. If the applicant had only one job in the last 15 years, answer the rest of the questions in Section esa.


Be sure to include all information available to you. Make use of this space to give the SSA a complete description of your disabling condition. SSA will also ask if the applicant had changes forn his or her work activity prior to the date he or she stopped working.

Make sure all questions are answered honestly. Disability 33688 SSA — Indicate in remarks which medical records you will be submitting with the application. Often, a person who would not qualify for disability benefits based on their main disabling condition will qualify based on the total effects of all of their conditions.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Section five asks for education history.

SSA Adult Disability Report | SOAR Works!

Enter the type of job performed, not the name of the employer. If you have all the information, it should only take about 20 minutes to complete. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Use this section to collect any additional information or explanation the applicant did not give in other parts of this report. Do not limit yourself to the condition flrm you are filing.

If your claim is denied, the SSA will let you know and provide you with information on the appeal process. This information is used by the SSA to determine what kinds of jobs you may be qualified to do and whether you are capable of returning to any kind of work with which you have experience. After you have submitted this form, you will generally have to wait several weeks before the SSA responds to your claim.