May 6, 2020

This interesting and informative book was written by Eric Topol. Topol is a cardiologist who is globally recognized for his achievement and is. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approach to medicine. By bringing the. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Eric Topol—one of the nation’s top physicians and a leading voice on the digital revolution in.

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Topol reveals that the purpose of this book is ‘not simply a techno-tour’ but to depicting what the creative destruction of medicine might look like, on whether it can happen, and how information on the individual can be gained as a precise standard to the extent of being able to call it ‘individual and science’. May 06, Patrice rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem?

After showing us what is he hopes people will become proactive and push for what is possible. Sep 15, James rated it it was amazing. In addition, Topol discussed the results of changes that have progressed or are in progress and the changes that will be destructioon in the future as new technologies are applied to heart imaging, brain imaging, cancer imaging, and organ printing. Topol is convinced that consumers, not physicians, will lead the charge towards digitized medicine.

Latest posts by Jon Mertz see all. Sep 17, Cavin Balaster rated it really liked it Shelves: May 11, E-patient Dave mdeicine it it was amazing.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine Quotes

Topol ends the introduction with this: Destructin of his ideas abo There were times as I went through this that I wondered whether the author might not have taken leave of his senses, but as it went along I think not. Patients are now able to gain necessary information on the Internet and the social media related to health are also consolidating the choice of patients.


Only time will tell, but I agree that it is fast becoming a hell of a ride. Previous post Next post. When the book moves into more detail on genetic research, applications of the human genome developments as well as the other “omes”and how all of this has affected medciine, patients, treatments, medical education, and the like, the book takes off and is hugely informative.

If nedicine when these innovations come to pass, they will be game changers. He also demonstrates the usefulness of remote medical treatment via video between patients and doctors.

Anybody doubting this can take stock of the going on four year battle surrounding current legislation on US Health Care reform. Feb 28, Ray rated it really liked it.

So this content didn’t really flow.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol

The Impact of Homo Digitus Chapter 9. Makes you wonder if the death and decline of the medical profession is imminently near.

Furthermore, Topol does not put forth many new, thought-provoking ideas but simply summarizes ALL the recent examples he can find of technology and medicine interse The topic of this book was intriguing, but I couldn’t even make it through the entire thing. Capturing the Data Part II of this book is composed of 5 chapters while each chapter includes explanations and examples on the new method of obtaining and using data in modern medicine.

But this is precisely the issue — prematurity.

We have a social infrastructure to bring people together around their personal care. For the first time we can capture all the relevant data from each individual to enable precision therapy, prevent major side effects of medications, and ultimately to prevent many diseases from ever occurring. We see these connections happening in healthcare where people with similar conditions or care eic come together to share, learn, and get better. I witnessed this in my first industry, typesetting, when desktop publishing came along.

The way medicine is taught will need to shift. Taken as a whole, though, once you can see the big picture the author is painting, this is quite an exciting and eye opening book.


As much as the idea of continuous monitoring of our physical health will be beneficial there is a large patient population that won’t take advantage of the simple tools we already have at our disposal.

It also describes some aspects of how traditional medicine will be shifted in parallel with the revolution and what you can do to avoid being harmed by traditional medicine as it currently exists.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine | Health Standards

The book seems to have two messages: While some of the information he presents does not address some more recent findings, his reasoning is sound and quite brilliant.

An MD discovers the iPhone, gets completely carried away and declares it will disrupt most of the field of medicine and gives a well-received TED talk along the way. As I have Atul Gwande’s new book Being Mortal on my bookshelf waiting to be read Medicinw felt like this crsative was surprisingly silent on end of life issues and even beyond that seemed mrdicine almost ignore the fact that for so much of what causes suffering in this world, the technology he was exploring will never have an answer.

Please review our privacy policy. Topol’s premise seems congruent, and he goes destrudtion considerable detail that is both convincing and in a strange way, amorphous. For the first time we can capture all the relevant data from each individual to enable precision therapy, prevent major side effects of medications, and ultimately to prevent many diseases from ever occurring.