October 15, 2020

Written by noted science-fiction novelist C.S. Friedman, The Erciyes Fragments is a version of the Book of Nod that has never been seen before by mortal eyes. The Erciyes Fragments has ratings and 4 reviews. Matthew said: A fascinating perspective of the origin of the kindred, and the multiple layers of sto. This is a soucebook for White Wolf’s roleplaying game, Vampire: the Masquerade . The Erciyes Fragments is the Book of Nod from Caine’s point.

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Lists with This Book. Adding that to Vampire is a While the Book of Nod laid out the foundational myths of vampire society and Revelations of the Dark Mother provides a counterpoint, The Erciyes Fragments is more of an expansion on the original Book of Nod than a new account of vampiric prehistory.

Tyler Neal rated it really liked it Sep 18, The traditional interpretation is that Cain’s sacrifice was lacking somehow, but in The Erciyes Fragments it’s because G-d loves the sweet smell of blood and found Caine’s harvest unacceptable, and so Caine sacrifices that which is perfect, that which is unblemished, the first part of what he loves–his brother. See My Book of Nod review for a review of this one. Not to be left out are the clever idea to add commentary in the margins by previous elders, really added a nice touch.

Who Found it and Why?

Thom Langan rated it really liked it Mar 06, All vampires were of equal power, so any survivor of the Flood would be an Antediluvian in modern terms. An expansion of The Book of Nod. Ronnie Webb rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Their commentary might even have more total words than the actual text, and while some of it is juvenile or dumb, mostly it adds to the poetic styling with more down-to-earth criticism.


Rich Waters rated it liked it Feb 20, Peter rated it really liked it Feb 18, Kevin Gagnon rated it it was amazing Erciyyes 27, Paperbackpages. The early sections are written from Erciyds perspective in first person and have a heavy focus on blood, as you might expect for vampires. They’re good for the reader to look at and feel superior to the commentators, who are writing without knowledge of what the events refer to, but they aren’t useful even in a Dark Ages game because as soon as the GM includes them, any player who knows anything about Vampire is instantly ercjyes to know the subject of the prophecies.

They’re obviously linked to the rise of the Camarilla, the Cathayan Great Leap Outward, and the Time of Thin Bloodwithout much room for interpretation.

The Erciyes Fragments

She has also been credited Celia S. I think White Wolf should have done more with this, especially in the Americans and Africa, rather than having the vampires there claim different originals but all obviously be bloodlines of existing Clans, but oh well.

The Bible has no explanation for why G-d accepted Abel’s sacrifice and rejected Ercieys. No trivia or quizzes yet. The actual fragments are very similar to The Book of Nodbut different in a few key points.


The Erciyes Fragments (Vampire: The Dark Ages) by C S Friedman

Elysse rated it liked it Jun 28, Jedidiah rated it really liked it Jun 21, The most sage of vampiric scholars provide their commentary for your enlightenment. This one goes along with the Book of Nod.

Other books in the series. I did like the bit where a Roman-era commentator speculated that the 10th Generation is surely the final limit beyond which the blood of Caine grows too thin to continue, though.

This book also explicitly lays out that the various Clan weaknesses are all explicit curses from Caine for their Antediluvians’ particular deeds. Bobby Hitt rated it liked it Jan 27, Written by noted ercciyes novelist C. The Erciyes Fragments Vampire: Patrick rated it it was ok Sep 05, Scoba1 rated it liked it Jan 07, Aug 11, Matthew Gill rated it it was amazing. I also really liked the subtle differences in the angels’ curses on Caine. Preview — The Erciyes Fragments by C.

The Erciyes Fragments by C.S. Friedman

If, fragmengs me, you’re drawn to the mythology of Vampire as one of its selling points, pick this up. That leaves the door open for several extra Antediluvians and their hidden Clans. Except for the Salubri, who are the only uncursed Clan.