October 24, 2020

Table, Create, Delete, Add, Rows, Column, Delete, Row, Column, Add, Simple, XY, Pie, Chart. Data, Import, Export. Table, Create, Delete, Add, Rows, Column. FIGURE Epicyclic train dynamometer. direction. The power is transmitted from gear B to D through the intermediate gear C which revolves freely on a pin. This type of dynamometer can be classified as follows: 1. Epicyclic train dynamometer 2. Belt transmission dynamometer 3. Torsion dynamometer. EpicydiC train.

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The upper end of the ropes is attached to a spring balance while the lower end of the ropes is kept in position by applying a dead weight as shown in Figure.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Auth with social network: A helical spring is provided between the nut and the upper block to adjust the pressure on the pulley to control its speed. Rotational Dynamics In pure translational motion, all points on an epidyclic travel on parallel paths. In order to prevent the slipping of the rope over epicyclkc flywheel, wooden blocks are placed at intervals around the circumference of the flywheel. It consists of two discs A and B fixed on dynamomeetr shaft at a convenient distance apart Each disc has a small radial slot and these two slots are in the same line when no power is transmitted and there is no torque on the shaft.

A counter weight is placed at the other end of the lever which balances the brake when unloaded. In the absorption dynamometers, dynamkmeter entire energy or power produced by the engine is absorbed by the friction resistances of the brake and is transformed into heat, during the process of measurement.

R And power transmitted.

Two stops S, S are provided to limit the motion of the lever. The energy or power produced by the engine is transmitted through the dynamometer to some other machines where the power developed is suitably measured. At every revolution of the shaft, a flash of light is projected through the slot in dynamometee disc A An eye piece E is fitted behind the disc B on the shaft bearing and is capable of slight circumferential adjustment.


It consists of a pulley A called driving pulley which is rigidly fixed tothe shaft of an engine whose power is required to be measured. It is thus obvious that the frame causes movement about E dyhamometer the anticlockwise direction.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Registration Forgot your password? The annular gear is also keyed to the driving shaft and rotates in clockwise direction. The frame is pivoted at E and its movement is controlled by two stops S,S. Belt transmission dynamometer 3.

Epicyclic-train Dynamometer-torque and power transmitted ()

Trsin spur gear is keyed to the engine shaft and rotates in anticlockwise direction. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Engineering College Palanpur Name: Bhaumik patel Nilay patel. Since the tension in the tight side of the belt T1 is greater than the tension in the slack side of the belt T2 ,so the total force acting on the pulley C i.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Nirmal Kushwaha”— Presentation transcript: A little consideration will show that when the power is being transmitted, then the driving end of the shaft twists through a small angle relative to the driven end of the shaft.

A bright electric lamp L, behind the disc A, is fixed on the bearing of the shaft. The pinion revolves freely on a lever. V-belt drive V-belt is mostly used in factories and workshops where a great amount of power is to be transmitted from one pulley to another when the two. The pinion or the intermediate gear meshes with both the spur and annular gears.

We think you have liked this presentation. A weight w is placed at the smaller end of the lever in order to keep it in position.

Dynamometers PRESENTATION ON: Guided by: Prepared by: Nirmal Kushwaha

A belt dynamometer is introduced to measure directly the difference between the tensions of the belt, while it is running. Absorption dynamometers, and 2. The amount of twist depends upon many factors such as torque acting on the shaft T length of the shaft l diameter dynamimeter the shaft D modulus of rigidity C of the material of the epicycluc. The most general motion is a combination of translation. For a solid shaft of diameter D, the polar moment of inertia for epkcyclic hollow shaft of external diameter D epicyclif internal diameter d, the polar moment of inertia, From the above torsion equation the power transmitted.


Nirmal Kushwaha Mechanical Deptt. There is another pulley B called driven pulley mounted on another shaft to which the power from pulley A is transmitted. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. In the transmission dynamometers, the energy is not wasted in friction but is used for doing work. The upper block has a long lever attached to it spicyclic carries a weight W at its outer end. If the eye piece is now moved round by an dynamo,eter equal to the lag of disc B, then the slot in the eye piece will be opposite to the slot in disc B as shown in Figure d and hence the eye piece receives flash of light.

In order to balance it, a weight W is applied at a distance L from E on the frame as shown in Figure. Dynakometer use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Due to this, the light does not reach to the eye piece as shown in Figure c. The tangential effort P exerted by the spur gear on the pinion and the tangential reaction of the annular gear on the pinion are equal. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Prony brake dynamometer 2.

It consists of one, two or more ropes wound around the flywheel or rim of a pulley fixed rigidly to the shaft of an engine. The pulleys A and B are connected by means of a continuous belt passing round the two loose pulleys C and D which are mounted on a T-shaped frame.

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