May 9, 2020

Download Citation on ResearchGate | L’encyclique Caritas in veritate. Une lecture | This text sets out to achieve an overall reading of the encyclical Caritas in. Read Guide de lecture de l’encyclique caritas in veritate book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Lettre encyclique Caritas in veritate du Souverain Pontife Benoît XVI by Benoît XVI at – ISBN – ISBN

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The unity of the human race, a fraternal communion transcending every barrier, is called into being by the word of God-who-is-Love.

Secularism and fundamentalism exclude the possibility of fruitful dialogue and effective cooperation between reason and religious faith. For these reasons, Populorum Progressiosituated within the great current of Tradition, can still speak to us today.

The social sciences and the direction taken by the contemporary economy point to the same conclusion. In other words, there would no longer be any real place for God in the world. The international community has an urgent duty to find institutional means of regulating the exploitation of non-renewable resources, involving poor countries in the process, in order to plan together for the future.

EconPapers: Sur la Lettre Encyclique “Caritas in Veritate”

It must be remembered that the market does not exist in the pure state. It is to be hoped that these new kinds of enterprise will succeed in finding a suitable juridical and fiscal structure in every country. In recent years a new cosmopolitan class of managers has emerged, who are often answerable only to the shareholders generally consisting of anonymous funds which de facto determine their remuneration.

This is what gives rise to the duty of believers to unite their efforts with those of all men and women of good will, with the followers of other religions and with non-believers, so that this world of ours may effectively correspond to the divine plan: Besides the good of the individual, there is a good that is linked to living in society: These situations are symptomatic of scant confidence in the future and moral weariness.


It is therefore helpful to consider these texts too in relation to Populorum Progressio.

For its part, religion always needs to be purified by reason in order to show its authentically human face. Gratuitousness is present in our lives in many different forms, which often go unrecognized because of a purely consumerist and utilitarian view of life.

Her social doctrine is a particular dimension of this proclamation: The Church’s social doctrine illuminates with an unchanging light the new problems that are constantly emerging [22]. Feed the hungry cf. If we look closely at other kinds of poverty, including material forms, we see that they are born from isolation, from not being loved or from difficulties in being able to love.

Today, in fact, people frequently kill in the holy name of God, as both my predecessor John Paul II and I myself have often publicly acknowledged and lamented [68]. Suffice it to consider, on the one hand, the significant reduction veritats infant mortality and the rise in average life expectancy found in economically developed countries, and on the other hand, the signs of crisis observable in societies that are registering an alarming decline in their birth rate.

Old models are disappearing, but promising new ones are encylcique shape on the horizon. As a spiritual being, the human creature is defined through interpersonal relations.

Neither attitude is consonant with the Christian vision of nature as the fruit of God’s creation.

Sur la Lettre Encyclique “Caritas in Veritate”

What the Encycliqje social doctrine has always sustained, on the basis of its vision of man and society, is corroborated today by the dynamics of globalization. This new context has altered the political power of States.

Our duties towards the environment are linked to our duties towards the human person, considered in himself veritte in relation to others. He saw civil society as the most natural setting for an economy of gratuitousness and fraternity, but did not mean to deny it a place in the other two settings.

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Therefore, it must be borne in mind that grave imbalances are produced when economic action, conceived merely as an engine for wealth creation, is detached from political action, conceived as a means for pursuing justice through redistribution. Finally, the vision of development as a vocation brings with it the central place of charity within that development.

The world-wide diffusion of forms of prosperity should not therefore be held up by projects that are self-centred, protectionist or at the service of private interests. According to the Pope, it was not just a matter of correcting dysfunctions through assistance.

The economic sphere is neither ethically neutral, nor inherently inhuman and opposed to society. And not only that.

Caritas in veritate (June 29, ) | BENEDICT XVI

Because it is filled with truth, charity can be understood in the abundance of its values, it can be shared and communicated. The world’s wealth is growing in absolute terms, but inequalities faritas on the increase. From the economic point of view, this meant their active participation, on equal terms, in the international economic process; from the social point of view, it meant their evolution into educated societies marked by solidarity; from the csritas point of view, it meant the consolidation of democratic regimes capable of ensuring freedom and peace.

The human being is made for gift, which expresses and makes present his transcendent dimension.

Often it is thought that development, or the socio-economic measures that go with it, merely require to be implemented through joint action.