June 29, 2020

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Elizabeth Roffe, only child of one of the world’s richest men, has it all; beauty, intelligence, innocence and youth. But when her father dies, she discovers that she has inherited not only his vast pharmaceutical company, with offices and factories all over the world, but also an unspeakable terror that threatens to destroy the business.

As she struggles to save the company that took her family four generations to build, she realizes that she herself is the target of an unknown assassin. The young, beautiful, and relentless Lara Cameron has amassed international wealth and power, with equal success in affairs of the heart. But an angry ex-lover has vengeance in mind – a motive that could cost Lara the empire she struggled a lifetime to build.

In Paris, in Washington, and in Greece in a fabulous villa, an innocent American becomes a bewildered, horror-stricken pawn in a game of vengeance and betrayal.

She is Catherine Douglas, a woman caught in a web of four lives intertwined by passion as her handsome husband pursues an incredibly beautiful film star The Sands of Time is the tale of four nuns who are abruptly forced to flee the secure environment of their Spanish convent and face a hostile world they long ago abandoned. Suddenly these four women find themselves pawns in a violent struggle between the outlawed Basque underground movement, led by the charismatic Jaime Miro, and the Spanish army, under the command of the vengeful Colonel Ramon Acoca, who is bent on destroying all of them.

As the newly appointed U. Ambassador to an Iron Curtain country, Mary Ashley becomes the target of a mysterious murder plot. The action races from Washington D. Paige Taylor inherits a million dollars from a patient, and the D. Kat Hunter vows that no man would get close to her again – until she accepts the challenge of a deadly wager.

Betty Lou Taft discovers that to make it in medicine she’d better use more than just her brain. Master of mystery Sidney Sheldon weaves the unexpected destinies of 3 young women doctors in a compelling story of healers and killers, ambitions and obstacles, lovers and betrayers.

Let master of suspense Sidney Sheldon capture you in this terrifying mystery of a man stalked by an unidentified killer. The cool voice of Roger Moore narrates this nonstop thriller about a renowned psychoanalyst, Judd Stevens, who cannot convince the police that he is the killer’s next victim – since Stevens himself is suspect.

How can Stevens protect himself when he has no clues to the murderer’s identity – or his motive? Toby Temple is a superstar, the world’s funniest man. He gets any woman that he wants, but under the superstar image is a lonely man. Jill Castle is a sensuous starlet. She has a dark and mysterious past juebo has an ambition even greater than Toby’s.

Together they rule Hollywood. When Navy Commander Robert Bellamy is assigned to investigate the crash of a NATO weather balloon near an isolated village in Switzerland, he is told that its cargo includes new and highly classified equipment. All witnesses to the accident should therefore be found and questioned.


They kidnapped him in a small town in Brazil. He had changed his name and his appearance, but they were sure they had their man. Four years before, he had been called Patrick S. He had died in a car crash in February His gravestone lay in a cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi.

He had been a partner at an up and coming law firm, had a pretty wife, a new daughter, and a bright future. Mitchell McDeere, raised in the coal-mining region of rural Kentucky, has worked hard to get where he is: They pay outrageous salaries.

They have a turnover rate of zero. And Mitch is about to find out why. As Dan Brown comments: An innocent man is about to be executed. Only a guilty man can save him. For every innocent man sent to prison, there is a guilty one left on the outside. Time passes and he realizes that the mistake will not be corrected: He may even watch the trial of the person wrongly accused of his crime. John Grisham’s first work of non-fiction, an exploration of small-town justice gone terribly awry, is his most extraordinary legal thriller yet.

Ina year-old cocktail waitress in Ada, Oklahoma, named Debra Sue Carter was raped and murdered, and for five years the police could not solve the crime. For reasons that were never clear, they suspected Ron Williamson and his friend Dennis Fritz. Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning.

She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking a row of back gardens. She’s even started to feel like she knows the people who live in one of the houses.

Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life – as she sees it – is perfect. If only Rachel could be that happy. And then she sees something shocking.

El Amo Del Juego : Sidney Sheldon :

It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. When Doctor Calgary visits the Argyle family, he believes he brings good news. He is there to clear the name of Shepdon, who was convicted of the murder of his own mother, Rachel. Torn apart by war, Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach are thousands of miles apart, both struggling for their lives. Gerhard – despite his objections to the Nazi regime – is fighting for the Fatherland, hoping to ssheldon day have the opportunity to rid Germany of Hitler and his ddel.

But as his unit is thrown into the hellish attrition of the Battle of Stalingrad, he knows his chances of survival are dwindling by the day Jamie McGregor founded a family empire on diamonds stolen from South Africa – and a ruthless need for shldon. As control of McGregor’s fortune falls into the capable hands of his granddaughter Kate, his business expands into a worldwide conglomerate. The cunning Kate proves herself a true master, using her own son and granddaughters as pawns in a game where the stakes are bigger than life or death.

Roddy McDowall captures the suspense and surprise in this story of lust for wealth shelddon power – and the price that people pay to get it. This title is also available in Spanish as El Amo del Juego. I shfldon not the type of person that is pretty easy to please so I rarely complain or write negative reviews. However, in this situation I feel it is necessary to warn potential buyers.


I have read and enjoyed Master of the Game many times in the past. To this day it is one of my favorite novels. Sadly, this abridged version of the story completely brutalizes both the plot and character development of an excellent story.

El Amo Del Juego Master of the Game Spanish Edition, Sidney Sheldon. (Paperback )

Many major events, conversations, and even characters were cut out of whole parts of the novel. In many situations the conversations that were omitted were later referenced. This would have created a great deal of confusion for me if I had not read the book. If you are a fan of this novel and simply want a quick recap or summary of the main events then this book might suit you. I would recommend that Sidney Sheldon fans that have never read Master of the Game not waste their time or money on this horrible abridgment.

The book covers several generations of a family in less than 3 hours. Missing important plot details. Roddy McDowall’s performance brought this masterpiece to life in a way reading it, even though it’s brilliant, never could. I wish they would not have cut out so much of the original version, but it was very entertaining nevertheless. The original story was much richer.

When read like this, in a hurry, it beech becomes some poor stories glued together. No, and I love Sidney Sheldon books. What do you think your next listen will be? Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Roddy McDowall? This is the orginal book but it misses a lot of parts key parts and Roddy Mcdowall just does not do a good job narrating this book. Not happy with this book at all and I’m very sad about that because this is my favorite book! What disappointed you about Master of the Game?

Everything about the rendition of this great book disappointed me. The sections of this book that were left out gave the book substance. I understand that the whole book was not supposed to be read, but if I had not read the book countless times I would have nothing to base it on. To many blanks were left to be filled in.

El Amo Del Juego

Would you ever listen to anything by Sidney Sheldon again? Sidney Sheldon in my humble opinion, was one of the greatest writers of all times.

Its not his juefo that his work was done with such utter disregard for the original works. I have never read a poorly written book by Mr. But poorly read and translated, I have now. How could the performance have been better? It would have been better if they read the book as if they were side by side, on the journey with Jamie, not some chopped up, watered down ssheldon.

When a task is once begun, never leave it till its done- may the task be great or small, do it well or not at all. I loved the book. It was this rendition of it that gives me pause for concern.