May 4, 2020

Official Journal of the European Union. EN. Only the original UN/ECE texts have legal effect under international public law. The status and date. Regulation No 46 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of devices for indirect. [ECE-R46 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of rear-view mirrors and of motor vehicles with regard to the installation of rear-view mirrors, MOD].

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The approval mark and the additional symbol shall be clearly legible and be indelible. Where a single exterior rear view mirror is fitted this shall be located on the left hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the right and on the right hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the left.

Equipment A “spherometer” similar to the one described in Figure 1 of this Annex having the indicated distances between the tracing pin of the dial gauge and the fixed legs of the bar is used.

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Expand all Collapse all. Unless otherwise provided in this Regulation, the requirements given in Paragraph The feet of the 3-D H machine are not to be restrained or held during this step.

A brief description of the electronic components if any of the adjustment device: An example of the set-up is given in the Figure A below. The definition of D is given in the ISO Location and method of affixing of the approval mark: A virtual testing is acceptable. Need more search options? The impact shall be such that the hammer strikes 4r6 mirror on the reflecting surface side. The limits for the boundary of functional operation e.


Spectral characteristics of light source and receiver The light source shall consist of a CIE standard source A and associated optics to provide a near-collimated light beam. The application for approval of a type of device for indirect vision shall be submitted by the holder of the trade name or mark or by exe duly accredited representative. Determination of the critical viewing distance of the monitor. Monitor-side Figure 5 shows r6 example of a grey scale rendering eece to be used in this measurement.

Flat mirror measurement The reflectance of flat mirror samples can be measured on instruments employing either efe direct or the indirect calibration method. Maximum detection distance within the critical viewing distance where, due to the installation, the distance eye-monitor is less than the critical viewing distance, the maximum attainable detection distance is defined as: Mirrors and other devices for indirect vision must be fitted in such a way that the mirror or other device does not move so as significantly to change the field of vision as measured or vibrate to an extent which would cause the driver to misinterpret the nature of the image perceived.

In which ways is a cell phone camera similar. The CMS shall be provided by the applicant with the following documents: Fig Reflection of an object y from a plane mirror. Differences between the radii of curvature of mirrors 6. All Class VII mirrors shall be attached in such a way that they remain in a stable position under normal vehicle driving conditions. System Latency A CMS shall have a sufficient short latency to render the scenery nearly at the same time.

Type and general commercial description s: In case of vehicles of category other than M1, in addition to the provisions of that standard, when measuring the vehicle width the following devices must not be taken into account:. Light as a Wave light is a visible form of energy most of the energy that surrounds us is invisible this energy.


This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Headrests or framework or bodywork such as window columns of rear split doors, rear window frame shall be excluded from the calculation. It is permissible for small splinters to become detached from the surface of the glass at the point of impact; 6.

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

Means of identification of the type, if indicated on the device: Class III main rear-view device EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. The value of the minimum mounting height is the same for all viewing distances as it is independent of the viewing distance. Details of the method of attachment: If applicable, name and address of Manufacturer’s representative: Maximum mounting height Paragraph 1.

Revision and, if applicable, the procedure contained in Paragraph 7. Nevertheless, the Technical Service responsible for testing may repeat one or both of these tests on the upper mirror if this is less than 2m from the ground.

Holding the T-bar to prevent the 3-D H machine from sliding forward on the seat cushion, proceed as follows: Trade name or mark of device: For suspension seats, the vertical position shall be rigidly fixed corresponding to a normal driving position as specified by the manufacturer.

Vehicles may be equipped with additional devices for indirect vision. Submitted for approval on: