May 9, 2020

Doka Xtra. Dokaflex Load-bearing towers. – DOKA FORMWORK SYSTEMS. 2. The unbeatably fast table- form with the perfect fit. The manual system with. User information Dokaflex 5. – 07/ Ü. The Formwork Experts. Erecting the formwork. ○ Doka products and systems must be set up in. Download the catalogue and request prices of Dokaflex By doka italia.

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Step 4 The primary beams are removed. Always apply the fixing brake when the con- tainer is “parked”.

The Doka tables are pre-assembled, and save on both labour and crane time. Use a suitable lifting chain e. Steps must be taken to rule out the use of erected and dismantled, reset and generally used for any components that are damaged, deformed, or its intended purpose in accordance with the applica- weakened due to wear, corrosion or rot.

When lifting the equipment to the next storey, it is better to transport the floor props and the low- ering heads separately the floor props on their own can be stored much more space-savingly in the stacking pallet. It must be possible to safety precautions that are necessary in order to use get to and from these workplaces via safe access the Doka products safely in the usage situations routes!

Dokaflex By Doka Italia

These are intended to provide has been superseded by a new safety concept in the a uniform basis, valid throughout Europe, dojaflex product EC. Fume Extraction System installed at Dandenong. Configuration with tableform For more information, see the “Dokamatic table”, “Dokaflex table”, “Doka load-bearing tower Staxo 40” or “Doka load-bearing tower C Staxo ” User Information booklets.


Doka Formwork Australia Formwork. Crescent Development Project More. Settings for cookies and third-party applications. Hako’s Chemical on Demand system.

Soda ash system reduces costs of raw materials. When Doka stacking pallets are stacked, the bottom pallet must NOT be one with a bolt-on caster set mounted to it. The edge railings must be mounted before the form- work sheets are laid out.

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex 1-2-4

They also help to ensure the safe use of our website. You can amend your cookie settings at any time using the cookie settings link in the page footer. The Beam forming support auto- matically clamps the formwork tight, resulting in clean concrete surfaces and grout-tight edges.

Meeting individual requirements regarding the concrete finish is no problem, as any type of form-facing can be chosen. Contact supplier for price. The Bolt-on caster set B turns dokatlex stacking pallet into a fast and manoeuvrable transport trolley.

This is why Tipos-Doka time – yours. Miscellaneous We reserve the right to make alterations in the interests Sight-check of technical progress. Please refer to our extensive privacy statement for more information. Centro Comercial Ventanilla More. Nevertheless, there is one thing that all construction projects have in common — and that is a basic structure with five stages.

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Rating plate must be in place and clearly leg- capacity. This results in a clean concrete surface. The system is optimised to give the very shortest forming-times on large areas, and copes well even with varying structural-design and geometrical requirements.


This means that the total deflec- other, or from the middle of the floor slab tion of the floor-slab is practically independent of the mid-span towards the slab-edges.

The Wheel-around scaffold DF makes for safe, simple formwork set-up and removal in rooms of medium height. Step 2 Floor-slab formwork is lowered using the Doka Xtra head. The beam and prop spacings are optimised depending on the layout, and in accordance with the slab load.

When Doka accessory boxes are stacked, the bottom box must NOT be one with a bolt- on castor set mounted to it. Multi-trip transport box partition 0.

DC Power System Solutions. With our consulting, planning and other services, we help you achieve effective implementation of your formwork assignment using our formwork products — in every one of these stages. Stay up to date with the latest products like this No, thanks Nice one! Required These cookies ensure the basic functions of our website.

Only the dead weight of the formwork and fresh concrete has been allowed for in calculating the deflection. This is an easy, safe way of forming drop-beams and slab stop-ends, and of erecting safety railings.