May 10, 2020

The Camino Primitivo is a difficult, but beautiful pilgrimage, extending kilometers from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, through the northwestern regions. Jul 12, Our Day eight on the Camino Primitivo was a grueling and hot day, but charmed Stage Five Map from Eroski Consumer on the Camino Primitivo. Oct 23, Day five on the Camino Primitivo was the most glorious day for me, in all ways Stage Five Map from Eroski Consumer on the Camino Primitivo.

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Uno de los mejores del camino. As an Amazon associate and a Booking. Los hospitaleros muy amables y muy buen ambiente. Consultar Posibilidad de salir o no cuando se cierra: Puedes desayunar muy completo por 3 euros. Includes newly-opened accommodations and recent route changes! Prmiitivo recomendable este albergue, limpio, acogedor y confortable.

Muy buen albergue, limpio y agradable. We found the ride to be beautiful, especially as we entered the northern mountains.

Albergue muy acojedor y limpio. An ultralight backpack should serve you well for years, like my Gregory has – six Caminos in all!

Afuera del albergue La Piedra. AlanB Active Member Jun 27, It is very doable if done in small chunks! James pilgrimage routes, or the Camino de Santiago in Spanish. Hopefully at the same time as me IngridF.


It has much less infrastructure, and if you read on, you will see that there are very long stretches without much of anything! Our first official steps on the Camino Primitivo was through the town of Oviedo. Instalaciones muy buenas, y las habitaciones acogedoras, limpias y amplias. Fua, uno de los mejores albergues en los que he estado. I am not sure which drew me in more deeply. The journey transforms us so we may be ready for our destination. For now, the Camino Primitivo is wild and free, and most enjoyable!

New Eroski guide for the Salvador

Taxi Jorge os puede acercar para visitar sitios. Gracias a vosotros y a ls chica que me recomendasteis.

Most important question that I have. How much road working is involved?

The Camino Primitivo or the Original Way

Primitivoo rules of any Camino experience is to always go your own pace, and keep your eyes open to what may come your way! Un sitio muy agradable y recomendable. Xavi, yo y nuestras bicis quedamos encantados. Plan your own Camino accordingly. Camino Aragones will have a new pilgrim center Latest: No cambieis Livia y Unai.

The Renfe Train from Madrid to Oviedo.

New Eroski guide for the Salvador | Camino de Santiago Forum

El desayuno muy rico. You may also be interested in my packing listto help you plan what you take in your own backpack! I think that Ender’s guide is really all you need.

No hay cortinas y entra luz de la farola. Pennine way is famous for freezing fogs, wind, lots of ups and downs, and is for the hardy. We are transformed in the the process and are allowing ourselves to be led through the experience by the divine impulse. Un buen sitio para pasar la noche Haced caso a los consejos. The king himself, it is said, traveled to Galicia to help the Catholic church determine the authenticity of the find.


Pelegrin 39 minutes ago. If one chooses to use the translation as The Primitive Way, you will find that this Camino is aptly named. If you have been truly blessed by my efforts and wish to contribute, I am very grateful. Situado en el mismo camino, al final del pueblo. Peregrinos que porten la credencial Hora de apertura: Uno de los mejores albergues de nuestro camino.

It is one of the Ways of St. A rough translation of its inscription is as follows: Estuvimos muy a gusto en vuestro albergue. Los hospitaleros muy amables. El ambiente es muy agradable. We even managed to catch a few more winks in the early hours of the ride. Camino del Salvador now on Eroski.