May 9, 2020

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo José Cela has long been .. más inmediato y directo, sea Viaje a la Alcarria”, escribió Camilo José Cela. Information on Journey to the Alcarria by Camilo José Cela. A famous travel book by Camilo José Cela where his offers his impressions Viaje a la Alcarria. Title: Viaje a LA Alcarria. Publisher: Espasa-Calpe SA, España. Publication Date: Binding: Rustica. Book Condition: Como Nuevo. About this title.

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And while it’s told in third person, Cela states in the preface that he’s aiming jlse a kind of literary realism akin to ‘geography’ based precisely on ccela time in the Alcarria, so we’re getting a similar ontological conviction to that of Lerner’s.

Share Add to favourites. Without comment he portrays how people who have never travelled very far from home misunderstand life in a metropolis. View all 4 comments. Nov 27, Gohar Khokhar rated it liked it. Uncrowded, it is picturesque and rugged, well watered and fertile in the valleys.

On the net Search this work on the net. Although his time was considerably earlier than mine, I could recognize, with dismay, the aspects or elements that biaje now considerably changed or disappeared.

Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. En este peculiar libro Cela escribe como dios, parco en palabras, pero claro y directo.

He made a rule to stay only one night in each place, not planning his itinerary in advance, but deciding each day which direction to take. Voaje is interesting, but knowing little of the area or really of Spain in general, I couldn’t really relate to it.


Journey to the Alcarria – Wikipedia

This series of sketches never wears out his welcome, rambling on leisurely and concluding almost indifferently. It is an escape book written with happiness by someone who has “taken the key of the fields”and this is one of the most rigorous, most important contemporary Spanish writers. Some partridge fly up from a bed of thyme. Written in the third person, the book tells us nothing about its traveler’s history, his political views, or much else; the family that he mentions in the first chapter are not given names or personalities, they are left behind as Cela sets out and not mentioned again.

A fine, short travel book in which nothing much of note happens, recounted in a serene, perfectly crafted way.

Journey to the Alcarria: Travels through the Spanish Countryside

The steppe and maquis occupy a good part of its soil with a varied and abundant aromatic flora that produces an excellent honey. It is the way I like to explore a region, too, although I have never done so on foot.

To ask other readers questions about Journey to the Alcarriaplease sign up. Tan solo salvo sus primeras obras de la quema.

It is a pleasant read, but I felt it would have been better with more detailed descriptions or some photographs to bring the places to life. There was something about the way that the author, referring to himself in the third person as the traveller, observed the countryside and the people in it in great detail, but without judgement. But that is not where we went.

I downloaded this the night before setting off for a four-day trip to the province of Guadalajara.

alarria Mar 24, Peter Charles rated it it was amazing. It felt like a travel more in time than in space. Si viajar es salir de uno mismo y dejar la querencia para llenarse de lo desconocido, en la mochila el viajero lleva mucho espacio libre. I would love to retrace his steps and see how different it is now.


Journey to the Alcarria. Literature, Camilo José Cela at Spain is culture.

He wrote about a walking tour he took inonly 6 years after the end of jode Spanish Civil War, in an area north-east of Madrid. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Alcarria is a territory in New Castile, northeast of Madrid, surrounding most of the Guadalajara province.

Past splendor overwhelms and in the end exhausts the people’s will; and without force of will, as can be seen in so many cases, by being exclusively occupied with the contemplation of the glories of the past, they leave current problems unsolved.

As an old photograph, taken on camilp picnic somewhere, perhaps, unwittingly reveals so much of the customs, dress and attitude of the times, so his observations give the reader a vivid picture of what the Spanish countryside and the people who inhabited aldarria were like at that time. Jan 21, Simon rated it liked it. Traveling by foot and by donkey through this little-known region of Spain in the summer ofthe author provides a wealth of incident and detail.

Feb 01, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet.