May 1, 2020

年1月23日 CalcuSyn is a software tool whose main purpose is to aid individuals in analyzing mixed drug treatments, a more and more used practice in. combination-index data generated by CalcuSyn software analyses .. and antagonism, respectively (Source: CalcuSyn manual, Biosoft, ). Manual and Software, Biosoft, Cambridge, U.K., Chou, T.-C. and Hayball , M. CalcuSyn for Windows, Multiple-drug dose-effect analyzer and manual.

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You can only import a maximum of 50 columns and rows of data.


For combination drugs, the dose displayed is the dose of first component only – i. A condition in which one of two drugs is not effective by itself, but increases the effect of the other drug. By analyzing the distribution of the Capcusyn values the errors distribution can be estimated.

Run the installation program, called setup. Multiple drug effect analysis with confidence interval. See page 32 for data entry in non-constant ratio experiments.

Drug Import Example Data Below is an example formatted in the correct way. The ranges of Manuxl and the symbols are refined from those described earlier by Chou The approximated error in CI for the mutually exclusive case now becomes: The simplicity of the general equations makes for versatility in their applications. A measure of selectivity of effect representing the ratio of the median-effect dose for toxicity in relation to the dose of the therapeutic effect.


The ,anual is the drug import facility which lets you automate the use of CalcuSyn to import data and automatically create drugs and combinations from that data. Using the Program 53 Dm: The symbols used in the graphs are as follows: Step 5 – Enter the first datapoint by selecting New.

Click OK to import the data into the raw data grid. Dose Dose Dose Dose 0. Using the Program 27 Entering dalcusyn Combination Drug As with entering a single drug there are two methods to enter a combination drug: Step 4 – Highlight the dose data in the grid as shown and click the Select menu option. Relationships between inhibition constants and fractional inhibitions in enzyme-catalyzed reactions with different numbers of reactants, different reaction mechanisms, and different types of mechanisms of inhibition.

Note that for two-drug combinations, the CI is the sum of two terms. The Dm value can be readily determined since log Dm is the x-intercept of the medianeffect plot of Chou 8, If [start] is not found in the file an error message will be produced.

As indicated by the multiple drug-effect equation of Chou-Talalay 6, 8each mxnual of the equation is the dividing ratio and, therefore, the unit for each term single drug term or drug kanual term cancels out and becomes a dimensionless quantity. Using the Program 29 The combinations will then be added to the experiment and shown in the Calcisyn Pane. Manial drug summary and data points are displayed for each component drug and for the combination drug.


The normalized isobologram shows the degrees of synergism or antagonism of each data point without showing the effect levels nor the actual dose or concentration levels.

Computer Software

Furthermore, the classic isobologram or the conservative isobologam cannot be constructed for the non-constant ratio design. The Dm can also be determined by: Two drug combination – Inhibition of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase by phenanthroline and ADP. Using the Calcisyn 43 Following the first line of each set which defines the set format the drug data is entered. The Dose-reduction Index of Chou The dose-reduction index DRI is a measure of how much the dose of each drug in a synergistic combination may be reduced at a given effect level compared with the doses for each drug alone.

You can save an experiment using the File Save option and calccusyn an existing experiment with the File Open command. When drug maual and drug 2 yield parallel lines in the medianeffect plot but the mixture of two drugs yields a concave upward curve, mutual nonexclusivity is indicated, as described by Chou and Talalay 6.

In a higher order system such as life cells or animals, the situations are more complex. Raw Data You can export raw data as tab separated text.