May 3, 2020

The matrinxã Brycon amazonicus (Spix & Agassiz, ) is a rheophilic species native to the Amazon basin, which has great potential as a fish. Estudo comparativo sobre parâmetros hematológicos de matrinxã Brycon amazonicus Spix e Agassiz, (Characidae: Bryconinae) criados em cativeiro, com. In the present work we describe the larval development of Brycon amazonicus, with emphasis on structures linked to swimming, respiration and.

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Brycon – Wikipedia

Studies of blood parameters were carried out in some Bryconinae species such as Brycon sp. The beginning of gastrula marks the end of the blastula stage, and it is followed by epiboly, amazonlcus as the movement of the yolk syncytial layer and blastodisc around the yolk cell. The diameter of the dry fertilized egg was 1. Please refresh and try again.

Something went wrong, please try again. Notochord and myomeres were easily observed 09 h 10 min AF. To conduct research on this native species, knowledge of the early stages of fish embryonic development is extremely important.

In other studies regarding leukocytes of B. Brycon Brycon hilarii Scientific classification Kingdom: Differences in the WBC counts may be attributed to many factors, both biotic such as age, season, maturity, pathogens and abiotic including water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen content, sex or maturity stage and in particular to stress Tavares-Dias and Moraes, ; Tavares-Dias and Moraes, ; Pavlidis et al.

Brycon orbignyanus Acta Scientiarum: During the experiment, fish were observed for any clinical signs of diseases, including lack of appetite, increased opercular movements or visible lesions on the skin, tail and fins.


At 38 h AF, the larvae presents considerable calf reduction Neumann,indicating an apparent ability to begin an important stage in the transition from endogenous yolk to exogenous live or artificial food nutrition.

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At 50 h AF, larvae swam horizontally, and several cannibalism episodes were confirmed by observation of partially ingested larvae. A characteristic feature of fish is the amazonnicus physiological range of blood parameters and also the great individual variation Tavares-Dias et al.

Research in Veterinary Science, in press. The emergence of ocular and auditory capsules marks the beginning of the development of sensory structures in fish larvae and is an event that often follows the emergence of myomeres in different species Reynalte-Tataje et al.

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Between 10 and 17 h AF, the intervals were 30 min, and between 18 and 50 h AF, the samples were collected every 02 hours. Share Collections to anyone by email amazonicks to other Shutterstock users. How to cite this article. Total leukocyte counts for B.

Therefore, the differences demonstrated in this study may be related to species, nutritional differences, and sex or maturity stage. Egg after fertilization will dry.

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Red blood cell parameters can be used for the diagnosis of anemia while the leukocytes, the primary line of immunological defense, provide an important representation of defense cells throughout the body Tavares-Dias and Moraes, ; Tavares-Dias and Moraes, ; Affonso et al. Similar findings were reported for B. Therefore, this study was carried out to report hematological parameters of B. The pigmentation of the retina is related to the functionality of the eyes Falk-Petersen,and this event was completed in B.


Desenvolvimento inicial de jatuarana Brycon amazonicus Teleostei, Characidae. Journal of Fish Biology Temperature can speed up or slow down larvae hatching Trejo and Martinez,mainly for tropical fishes, where there is a direct correlation between water temperature and embryonic development Johnston and Vieira, Leporinus macrocephalus Acta Scientiarum: Pectoral fins and first gill arches Figure 2d were observed at 26 h AF, which was when a deepening of the epithelium of the inlet mouth was also observed, resulting in the oral cavity opening at 28 h AF.

The yolk sac was the main visible structure, which highlights the presence of the calf, with intense olive coloration.

Despite variation in the register of cannibalism occurrence 34 to 36 h AFthe amazonicua of this behavior at 50 h AF signals the need to intervene in the management practices through the provision of exogenous food, aiming to minimize the effect of cannibalism on larval mortality. Back to search Esc.