July 29, 2020

This session explores what it is actually like to live in a BREEAM Home and This guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Assessor, Advisory. Assessor manual New Construction and Refurbishment BREEAM-NL is developed and managed by DGBC, under license of BRE Global. Operations Manual for DGBC Licensed Organisations, Registered Assessors under A ‘BREEAM-NL assessor’ in this document can therefore be an assessor .

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This section is a library of resources, containing briefing papers, videos and guidance notes and documents each covering a specific area relevant to BREEAM.

For ease of access the resources are arranged in to the topics of strategyvaluetechnical and application and more recent and popular publications are highlighted below.

Select the topics that interest you brefam the links below and find out more about the detail behind the science, content, use and future direction of BREEAM standards. Sustainable homes and communities are often sold on exciting energy-saving and environment-enhancing features but when looking for somewhere to live, do we really know how these features translate into benefits for our home and family?

How do biodiverse parks increase our wellbeing? What does natural ventilation do for our health?

New Construction – BREEAM

The mmanual has been published to assist clients, project teams and other stakeholders in understanding the value, purpose and cross-over of each role throughout the assessment process.


BRE have supported this project which:. It is an industry endorsed and legally sound reference point that should give Local Authorities the confidence to push standards and adopt HQM as one of its tools to drive performance delivery. Overviews and further info can be found at BRE Buzz: The 17 SDGs apply to all countries with the aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

To achieve the SDGs, all aspects of society, from government to the private sector to the general public, will need to play their part.

The construction and property sector will have an essential role in delivering the SDGs and their associated targets, given the significant economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits associated with construction products, buildings and assssor throughout their lifecycles.

It provides guidance on the areas where assessment under one method can result in efficiencies in assessment under the other. It outlines how credits awarded in a certified BREEAM assessment may be used to demonstrate compliance with WELL features post occupation and identifies areas where project teams can demonstrate compliance using the same evidence for both schemes.

Using a speculative office building project, this report explores the cost implications and payback of achieving certified BREEAM Very Good and Excellent assessment ratings.

The research behind this report builds on a similar study undertaken three years ago. It also examines the difference between BREEAM uplift costs for a building meeting London Plan energy requirements and the same building not so constrained.


BREEAM Education 2008 Assessors Manual

It provides guidance on the areas where assessment under one method can result in efficiencies in assessment under another. It draws upon on examples of the approaches and benefits seen by some of the largest and most experienced developers and retailers, and includes guidance for those aiming to get the most out of their investment in sustainable retail buildings, whatever their size or role in the sector.

In response, numerous publications in recent years have sought to quantify this value in its various forms and what it means for different stakeholders including developers, owners and tenants of sustainable buildings.

This document aims to bring together the findings of such publications aswessor in doing so present the business case for maximising sustainability through BREEAM certification of non-domestic commercial buildings. The synergies identified in this document can be used to achieve significant reductions in cost adsessor time in the assessment process where both Three Star and BREEAM assessments are being carried out.

Click on the cover image to the right to download the English language version. Download the Chinese version.

BRE have supported this project which: