May 1, 2020

He’s intrigued by Amy, the only buccaneer to best him in this test of digital testosterone, while she just wants to take his arrogance down a peg. Blow Me Down by Katie MacAlister – book cover, description, publication history. Blow Me Down By Katie MacAlister – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Still, I told you mme months ago that school work took precedence over world building. Including, kayie not limited to, k plans for brothel workers, death and disease obsessed cabin boys, fun with food a personal fave He was a charmer through and through—I knew his kind.

This was my first book by Katie MacAlister and I was largely disappointed. Guess which ones we get here? Let us just mention that her romance writing skills inspired this Broad to have a sudden yen for pudding.

Here is the VR unit. He raised his sword in the traditional starting position but it was my turn to stop him. I tried half a dozen times to get through the supposed romance scene that I ended on, but it was just too awkward. She takes down the dreaded Black Corbin and tries to make katue through this world. Read an Excerpt Chapter One A pirate.

Day of the Dragon. Amy is one of the more practical characters MacAlister has ever written. I bet you could even have your own crew. Although I was more proficient with a foil, I had used a rapier once or twice.


Amy Stewart gets trapped in the game and meets Corbin, who dosn happens to be the creator of the game and just as trapped as her. Stuck in the game with only a few other human players Amy must find her inner pirate and figure out how to get herself out of the game.

Amy is so funny I love her as a character, I liked that she and Corbin saw the video people as more than just characters. Something to Howl About. I shot her a narrow-eyed look. Combining a light sci-fi feel with contemporary characters and the game’s historical setting, MacAlister’s latest novel is a great “try it” book macalistee readers who say they don’t read romances with a sci-fi twist.

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His grin got even nlow as he accepted a rapier handed to him by Leeward Tom. It took me longer to macaister this book than I would have liked it to take me because I couldn’t really get into it. The description of the book doesn’t really match the contents beyond it taking place in a virtual reality online role-playing game, but it’s a fantastic read.

One of those big MGM costume movies of the s where everything was brightly colored and quasi-authentic.

Blow Me Down

Okay, wasn’t expecting that last one but they kind of made it work. Corbin realizes what Amy is doing and scolds her: Holder blew a low whistle, his eyes also on Corbin.


It was well written and executed, but the subject matter didn’t get me into the novel as much. This book is what made me a fan of Katie MacAlister.

For some reason it irritated me that his character was nicer to look at than mine. This story had potential, and maybe a more thoughtful author not determined to shoehorn her male love interest into an alpha male role and to hurry along the romance might’ve been up to the task.

A Tale mxcalister Two Vampires. Both pulled maclaister swords and commenced fighting.

If you were playing it too, we could be on the same crew. That was another trait she got from her emotional father—generations of phlegmatic Scandinavian ancestors who preferred to keep their emotions tightly reined did much to give donw control over mine.

Leeward Tom pulled a ragged kerchief off and ducked his head at me before turning back to Corbin.

Blow Me Down |

Plus I was so sick of Amy being okay with her supposed romantic lead completely ignoring her stated wishes. If so, why was I still seeing the virtual world? I clamped down for a moment on the rest of my thoughts, then figured what the hell.