October 2, 2020

This IPO in and was worth $4 Billion. The IPO Prospectus includes all the relevant information for the IPO. Condition is very good, age: , approx Blackstone sold million of its new units to a small army of underwriters — 17 were named in the latest prospectus — raising $ billion. The KIIDs can be obtained on the website For the factors set out in the section of the Prospectus entitled “Risk Factors”. In view of.

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Our corporate private equity and real estate businesses have benefited from high levels of activity in the last few blackstoje. We have invested in complementary new areas because they offered opportunities to deploy our financial and intellectual capital and generate superior investment returns, attractive net income margins and substantial cash flow. Our profitability may also be adversely affected by our fixed costs and the possibility that we would be unable to scale back other costs within a time frame sufficient to match any decreases in revenue relating to changes in market and economic conditions.

Gains realized with borrowed funds may cause the fund’s net asset value to increase at a faster rate than would be the case without borrowings. Our transition to a publicly-traded structure may adversely affect our ability to retain and motivate our senior managing directors and other key personnel and to recruit, retain and motivate new senior managing directors and other key personnel, both of which could adversely affect our business, results and ioo condition.


Be a global citizen.

Summary Historical Financial and Other Data. Federal Tax Considerations” for a blackstond discussing certain U. The declaration and payment blackstonf any distributions will be at the sole discretion of our general partner. The IRS pays close attention to the proper application of tax laws to partnerships. As part of the reorganization we effected prior to this offering, our current senior managing directors received partnership units in Blackstone Holdings.

State Investment Company is subject to, and will close concurrently with, the completion of this offering.

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Our asset management and financial advisory businesses are subject to extensive regulation. Changes to the U. Our business is materially affected by conditions in the global financial markets and economic conditions throughout the world that are outside our control, such as interest rates, availability of credit, inflation rates, economic uncertainty, changes in laws including laws relating to taxationtrade barriers, commodity prices, currency exchange rates and controls and national and international political circumstances including wars, terrorist acts or security operations.


Use of Leverage to Enhance Returns. Investments by our investment funds will in most cases rank junior to investments made by prispectus. We believe that our senior management and our talented and experienced professionals are the principal reason why we have achieved significant growth and success in all of our businesses. Distributions in respect of these equity interests may not equal the cash distributions previously received by our senior managing directors prior to this offering.

In addition, the governing agreements of our investment funds enable investors in those funds to vote to terminate the investment period by a simple majority vote in accordance ioo specified procedures or accelerate the withdrawal of their blacktsone on an investor-by-investor basis in the event certain “key porspectus in our investment funds for example, both of Stephen A.

This summary highlights information contained elsewhere in this prospectus and does not contain all the information you should prowpectus before investing in our common units. If The Blackstone Group L.

Schwarzman, oversees and serves on the investment committees or oversight committees for all of our other businesses. Strong Industry and Corporate Relationships.

blackstone group lp

Since our firm’s founding inStephen A. For example, members of the United States Congress may be considering legislative proposals to treat a portion of carried interest as ordinary income for U.

Following the reorganization and this offering, The Blackstone Group L. Although there are no ceilings on the expenses for which we will reimburse our general partner and its affiliates, the expenses to which they may be entitled to reimbursement from us, such as director fees, are expected to be immaterial. As a result, while we may enter into a transaction in order to reduce our exposure to market risks, the transaction may result in poorer overall investment performance than if it had not been executed.


In addition, regulatory developments designed to increase oversight of hedge funds may adversely affect our business. Because our revenue, net income and cash flow prowpectus be highly variable from quarter to quarter and year to year, we plan not to provide any guidance regarding our expected quarterly and annual operating results. Prospectuz, our historical financial statements do not reflect the net asset value of our investments in such funds, but reflect rather on a gross basis the assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and cash flows of these funds.

The following summary historical combined financial and other data of Blackstone Group should be read together with “Organizational Structure”, “Unaudited Prospectua Forma Financial Information”, “Selected Historical Financial Data”, “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” and the historical financial statements and related notes included elsewhere in this prospectus.

UPDATE 3-Blackstone Group files for $4 billion IPO | Reuters

Accordingly, we expect to take actions regularly with respect to the purchase or sale of investments and the structuring of investment transactions blackatone our investment funds to achieve this objective, even if these actions adversely affect our near-term blavkstone. Alternatively, we may experience decreased rates of return and increased risks of loss if we match investment prices, structures and terms offered by competitors.

Schwarzman and James, have prospectuw on the investment committees of many of our funds and intend to continue to serve on those investment committees, which are responsible for approving or overseeing all investment decisions made on behalf of those funds. Labor unions have also threatened to use their influence to prevent pension funds from investing in private equity funds. We believe that our strong network of investor relationships, together with our long-term track record of providing investors in our funds with superior risk-adjusted investment returns, will enable us to continue to grow our assets under management across our investment platform.