April 25, 2020

Review. It is almost impossible to single out one album from this remarkable comic book series, but Legionary comes closest to perfection. A masterclass in. Asterix the Legionary (French: Asterix legionnaire) is the tenth book in the Asterix series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first published as s\dASa. “Asterix the Legionary” is the funniest album in the series so far. It reads like classic Vaudeville steeped in Roman history. It’s a laugh on every.

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After completing training which is rather relaxing for the conscripts while very stressful for the Centurionsthe newly formed unit sets off as reinforcements to Caesar who is fighting a losing campaign against a rival Roman faction headed by Caecilius Metellus Scipio in alliance with Afranius and King Juba I of Numidia.

Jan 27, Travis rated it really liked it Shelves: Read this for Ptenisnet. Paperback48 pages. Get some as Christmas or birthday gifts. Hence the pirate saying ” Albert Uderzo deserves a lot of credit for the postures and gestures on this page, too.

Funnier and more engaging than most. Sep 14, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nov 14, Floyd Pepper rated it it was amazing Shelves: He ended up dedicating most of his time to ridiculous-looking Gauls but he was classically trained and his anatomy is flawless.


Not just all ages comics, but comics as a form. Mnogi centurion oplakao je ovaj susret sa svojeglavim Asterixom i Obelixom. In leglonary, one of the best of a very good set of books, Asterix and Obelix join the Roman Legion and head off to Africa on a search and rescue mission.

The man bent over in the middle of this panel is Nefarius Purpuswhose French and most other languages name is Hotelterminus. I notice you gave up giving them an actual rating… did you overrate some of the early books, and now legionagy stuck amd to give 11 or 12 to the better ones in comparison?

Obelix actually falls in love and does all he must to keep his love happy. This is Zeppo and Harpo giving the lemonade vendor a hard time on the street until he goes completely mad. If you have children or grandchildren, there are volumes that include three editions in English.

This is also a pretty viable list of candidates for Punny Name of the Week here. They decide the easiest way to find him nad sign up for the army themselves and get assigned where their quarry lrgionary. They of course prove more than the Roman army can handle and cause chaos and confusion every step of the way. Obelix, his best friend, fell into a vat of the magic potion as a child, making him invincible.

Slings & Arrows

Caesar was smart enough to have an answer for the elephants, by the way. Obelix falls for a girl named Panacea, but she’s engaged to a guy that has been drafted into the Roman army and is being sent to Africa.


Asterix and Astsrix head for Condatum where legoinary learn that Tragicomix has already left for Massiliathe Mediterranean port from which the soldiers depart. Uderzo also missed one key ingredient in the Battle of Thapsus.

Asterix the Legionary

Your analysis of the way the running gags are built up is so true. Other books in this series. The English translation sort of ruins most of the word puns, taking them from clever to downright silly. Nov 05, Tom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yes, yes, yes, and heck yeah! The Egyptian is named Ptenisnet, which comes close, too.

At the Information Bureau, the noise of the scribe chipping the stone to write names on it drowns Asterix out. He gets into a scene, tells a joke, tells another joke, and then closes on a joke that completes the circle from the beginning of the scene. It always sat so well with me both then and now.

Retrieved 27 December One final side note: I think the commenters giving actual ratings confused me too… nevermind.