May 3, 2020

So WotC allowed the makers of ‘Ashes of Athas’ to make it available. So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”. Being the diligent researcher I. From publisher blurb: Ashes of Athas is a continuing 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting. PCs will take up the mantle of heroism.

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My character managed to get himself firebombed when he tried to chat up a book shop owner to warn her about the biker gang, but he only sprained an ankle. The fight pf the orc temple was also cool, as this party was the first to let the orc shaman live more than a couple of rounds, which made the other orcs much more deadly.

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I figured that was the end of it. Saturday was Ashes ahes Athas day. Tuesday, 15th February, I put in a request to the site owners, to see if I could please have a copy, and was told “When enough people ask for one, we’ll do a bulk email”. Perhaps someday I’ll backwards convert it to my beloved 2nd edition.

A fun twist in this particular series is that one of the players needed a fifth level character to play, and I offered to let him play Factotum the bard, which he totally ran with. Email Facebook Twitter Google. Thursday, 3rd June, Unfortunately, there were a couple of other players who afhas wanted to play their 9th and azhes level characters.

Sending out the e-mails isn’t too bad. The campaign was administered by Baldman Games the company is best known for organizing conventions for Wizards. The GM has to be able to make up all kinds of stuff on the fly, and our GM definitely did not disappoint. Each adventure had a handout called the Death Certificate. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


About a week ago, I saw several emails from someone named “Teos Abadia” in my inbox. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

The adventure itself was set in Elturgard, and I should have known better. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”.

I have fond memories of my 4e DS game. I really wanted to play Factotummy beloved bard, who was fifth level. Leave the Tolkien at Home – Ashes of Athas is a massive shared-world campaign set on the harsh world of Athas, a scorched desert where might rules and life is just another resource to exploit. This way, death was still part of your experience and your narrative, rather than an abrupt end followed by a new beginning.

Various Rulesets Dnd 2. My afternoon game had a great table of players, a number of ashee I had DMed for at past conventions in a couple of cases, with the same characters. Thursday, 16th August, Your character will experience a coherent story of struggle and hopefully triumph in the Tablelands of Athas.

I received an email a few weeks before the convention that the Dr. Like, crack-cocaine level of Athasian roleplaying dope.

The Burnt World of Athas

Alphastream on Making Confrontation at Candlekeep Interactive. You unlocked the aarakocra race. Impressively, we did world creation, character tweaking, and a full adventure in the course of a three-hour session!

Adventures are sent out once I get several requests, distributed in e-mails sent over several days. I get a day, currently, and just send them out once asyes the day. This adventure was somewhat similar, in that it was a afhas dark adventure with some no-win plot choices at the end.


Ashes of Athas ahes conversion self. DarkSun submitted 11 months ago by MatofPerth. Fortunately, this resulted in an accidental boon – a setting in which there are multiple, well defined timelines with different kinds of features in which you can set your campaign. Thursday I got to the convention at the Red Lion Hotel around 6: It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

4E Ashes of Athas DarkSun Campaign now available!

DarkSun subscribe unsubscribe 1, readers 5 users zshes now What is Dark Sun? Just send me a PM. When we begin, your character has been asked to aid a secretive faction of the Veiled Alliance in the Free Ashed of Tyr against an unknown assailant. It is a world where magic drains the very essence of life.

The campaign guide provides special rules for character creation to create a true Dark Sun feel. Thursday, 18th December, If your character died you received a copy. I jumped into an LFR game that could be run for characters of levelsbut the table has to agree on a four-level band. Sunday For the final day of the convention, there were only two sessions, and I was running paragon-level LFR games for both of them.

Dark Sun is about the struggle for survival in a dying world ruled by tyrant sorcerer-kings.