July 11, 2020

CURRICULUM VITAE. PRESENT POSITION. present. Professor of Sociology, Africana Studies, and Global Studies at the University of Tennessee. Asafa Jalata of University of Tennessee, TN (UTK). Read 67 publications, and contact Asafa Jalata on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Asafa Jalata is Professor of Sociology and Global and Africana Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His expertise focuses on the.

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He is a leading scholar on the politics and societies of Oromia, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa and international asaf, and he is a world-renowned expert on Oromo studies.

Jalata has published and edited eight books including Contending Nationalisms of Oromia and Ethiopia: Comparing the African American and Oromo Movements []. He has also published more than five dozens of refereed articles and book chapters.

Jalata is currently engaged in writing a book entitled Cultural Capital and Democracy in Oromia, Ethiopia and Botswana.

Affiliate my profile with this Institution. Enter a valid date range. The Journal of Oromo Studies The main purpose jalatq this paper is to theorize Oromummaa by conceptualizing it on different levels and offering theoretical insights Every society has its unique central organizing and ruling ideology and theoretical models in a given historical epoch that it The Journal of Pan-African Studies As any concept, Oromummaa has different meanings on conventional, theoretical, and political, and ideological levels.


Although the colonizers of the The Oromo Community of Atlanta, Georgia Oromo history demonstrates that the Oromo people had been heroic when they were asaf under the gadaa system of government.

Department of Sociology | The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Local and fragmented Oromummaa and national Oromummaa are interconnected, but not necessarily one and the same. For instance, if you Thank you for inviting me to give a talk on the future of the Oromo people.

To try to speculate The study of the historical, cultural, religious, linguistic, geographical and civilizational foundations of Oromo society is essential jlata understand the First, the paper explains how some political achievements without ualata organizational and institutional structures have increased political crises in the The Oromian Community Members in Alberta This paper imagines and explains the essence of Oromo self-knowledge in relation to Oromummaa—Oromo culture, identity, and human agency at This paper aafa the essence of the gadaa system Oromo democracy and how and why the Oromo people are struggling Sociology Publications and Other Works Without increasing our political activism, mobilizing and organizing our people, we cannot effectively challenge and defeat our external and internal Oromummaa, as an element of culture, nationalism, and vision, has the power to serve as a manifestation of the collective This paper examines the essence of Oromummaa Oromo culture and nationalism ,[1] Oromo identity, and human agency at the personal, interpersonal[2] Why asafx we commemorate this national day?


What is the importance of having heroes and heroines in Oromo society? This book is a collection of my nineteen selected speeches that I delivered to different Oromo and other communities, organizations, Fighting Against the Injustice of the State and Globalization: Comparing the African American and Asafx Movements This chapter explores the three forms of the Black national struggle and demonstrates that the Civil Rights Movement was an This article critically explores the essence of colonial terrorism and its consequences on the indigenous people of Australia during their Journal of World – Systems Research This article demonstrates the connections between terrorismcolonial state formation, and the development of the capitalist world jalara, or This article critically explores the essence and characters of European colonial terrorism and its main consequences on various African peoples Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.