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Pedagogika społeczna u schyłku XX wieku: zagadnienia wybrane): praca zbiorowa wraz z wyborem tekstów. Front Cover. Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki. Danuta Maszczyk, Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki Title, Metody badań w naukach społecznych: (skrypt-przewodnik dla studentów pedagogiki wszystkich lat). Books By Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki. Most Popular Books Rozważania z zakresu pedagogiki społecznej i socjologii transformacji. Andrzej Radziewicz-.

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Arthur Ellis USA prof. Reinhard Golz Niemcy prof. Henryk Cudak Recenzenci prof. Arkadiusz Marzec Redakcja Pedagogiki Rodziny. Even mistakes and errors do not generate such destructive emotions radxiewicz they do in different community of growth and development. Interactivity of this process is unquestionable advantage, since child in every moment can benefit from parent s direct help, and is not left alone with his struggling.

Furthermore mutual relations between child and parent experience escalation, because parent can repeatedly discover carefully hidden secrets of his daughter or son.

Interpersonal bond is strengthen and so is the child s sense of responsibility for personal growth and studying. It is a specific way for a child to take responsibility for building his own development plan. Although child is not always aware of this, tutor s role is to help him in his own aspirations and projects.

Generally, the crux of tutoring is its exclusivity manifested in this, that not many people are professionally trained and chosen to be a tutor in a school Concentrating on this method s functioning in school is actually its specific, for it is selecting tutors as people predisposed to fulfill this role.

Although while transferring it to the base of parental support, the exclusivity becomes less transparent, because every parent is for his own child unique, the one and only. Also a child is for every parent special because of his individuality and uniqueness. Albeit exclusivity will therefore not be the crux of parental tutoring, love will undeniably take this place as an unconditional factor of child acceptance and a stimulus to cooperate with him.

Based on this autotelic value parent will do a lot for that development progress of his child would follow, and so it will create the paths and ways of individual growth. Parental tutoring has its fundament also in parents authority, which flows naturally from the relation between its subjects Ferenz, Child shows wide confidence in relation to them, he believes that what his parents are doing is right and necessary. Children entrust them their worries, dilemmas but also happiness and successes.

Therefore parent s knowledge about his child is wide, and the continuous observation of child s behaviour also blends with it. Parent appears then as first albeit not always objective expert of successes and fails.

As an unprofessional tutor, radziewivz puts the maximum effort in helping activities, which are obtaining features like regularity and intentionality. They become a source of child s growth, the ember of creating and choosing the educational paths. The occurrence of tutoring requires integrated actions in many communities, groups such as students, parents, teachers and other school workers. This kind of 23 alacz. Pedaagogika capital and largest city is Barcelona which is the second Spanish city by population after Madrid.

Its borders essentially reflect those of the winnicko Principality of Catalonia. It borders France and Andorra to the north, Aragon to the west, the Valencia Community to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea adnrzej the east km coastline. The official languages are Catalan, Spanish and Aranese Occitan. Introduc on The objectives of the tutorial action and career guidance are included in the Catalan education law and they refer to monitoring, personal development, personal guidance and to academic and professional relationship with families and environment.

The tutorial action has to plan activities that allow the involvement of students in their educational process. The teaching function implies a close link between the guidance and teaching, therefore the objectives are a shared responsibility of all teachers involved, being also necessary that students and families have the knowledge and they know einnicki to value it. The tutorial action and career guidance contribute to the acquisition and development of basic skills to be developed trough contexts, learning, modelling approaches and interactions that promote their autonomy and personal initiative, as well as the integration and social cohesion.

Career andrzeej for secondary school students The Catalan Government winnlcki available to the students, families and professional staff, the psycho-pedagogical guidance teams: The PGT are educational services teams. The teams are composed by different profiles psychology, pedagogy, social work. Their aim is the counselling and educational guidance in schools to respond in the best way to the different needs that students face throughout their schooling.


The teams give support to teachers and schools in responding to student diversity and in relation to learners with special educational needs as well as their families. The PGT teams are part of the educational services in different areas.

They work pedagogioa with learning centres and with specialized support equipment: The PGT resources are addresses to schools, management teams, teachers and other professionals involved in caring for students with difficulties or with special educational needs, as well as the students and their families. Professionals, teachers and parents can access these services through the schools.

Pedagogika Rodziny. Family Pedagogy ISSN Quartely 2(2)/2012

Normally is needed an Action Radizewicz previously made for the centre according the detected needs. Currently there are anrzej PGT covering all Catalonia In each PGT team there are one or two social workers taking care of all educational centres in the area. In total, there are professionals in Catalonia. Each psychologist attends several schools per area and collaborates with health and social services of each area to provide a coordinated attention to students and families in need.

The targets are schools, management teams, teachers and staff involved in the care of students or their families. The goals of the PGT teams are: The tutor and the educational psychologist advice on a personal, raziewicz and professional way, however, others can also inform and assist: The guidance processes consists at four phases: In general, people who start the post-compulsory studies have the idea of preparing themselves to enter professional world.

But the choice of studies does not always means a well-defined career option. In other circumstances the amdrzej prioritizes the duration of studies or if they are compatibles with the simultaneous development of a job. To be able to choose in the best way is necessary to have complete, clear and updated information on the range of studies. Therefore to carry out this process is needed to know about the conditions required for pedagoggika, the knowledge subjects, the professional fields where youth spoecnza and the study centres.

The Educational Department offers different tools to do it. Tools can be used as an intervention integrated into the guidance and tutoring plan. The Education Department brings several tools to face the career guidance process: An application to help finding the most suitable career path based on the completed studies. The application is addressed to the young people, in fact are the same youth who, through a wlnnicki of questions, solve their professional unknowns.

To help them in the process of choosing the future career to better understand how they are and reflect on what they want to do. Young people are guided through several questions classified according to the work environments, areas of learning, skills and abilities, professional values, interests, personal and professional type, professional codes, table of correspondence between codes and professional working environments, analysis of results, table of correspondence between the workplace and areas of learning, skills and values.

A tutor s Guide to help students to a better understanding how they are and reflect on what they want to do. The guide is structured in five main objectives; a classification of work environments, an analysis and reflection on the areas or subjects, skill, abilities and occupational values that students wijnicki they have, wihnicki inventory of interests and typologies, the analysis of the results, the correlation table between work areas, skills and values.

The main objective of all the tools offered by the Educational Department is to bring to the young people a better understanding of themselves, as well as the range of studies and professions. All spoeczma counselling activities in Catalonia are carried out during the last year of secondary peedagogika.

The families are a very important target and the offered tools are very focus on them. The role of the family in the academic and professional process Families develop the most important roles as educators. Despite sometimes parents do not have enough information, they are the ones that must accompany andrsej children in decision-making. One of the strategic objectives of the Catalan Government Plan is to facilitate and promote family involvement in the monitoring of the academic and personal development of their children.


Pedagogika społeczna w Polsce – między stagnacją a zaangażowaniem – Google Books

In this sense and with a clear idea of ensuring that families are involved in the process guide, in spoecznz Department of Education added a new procedure in the educational process, the letter of commitment to education. The document aims to encourage the involvement of families in the education of their children and to get some winnicii from the centres. The educational community of each school must design the model letter which considers appropriate, within the framework of its autonomy.

However the Department of Education establishes the minimum content for the letter: Also with the aim to involve families in the educational process the Department of Education makes available to the school centres the School and family document. The paper is a support with guidelines and resources to promote the involvement of families in the educational process as well as their sporczna and participation with the centre.

The School and family paper covers the following areas of intervention: The Education department also offers a guide for families. The guide is a resource to support the tutorials and guidance sessions, especially in periods that education is a transitional stage for some children and families. Families and schools, an inseparable tandem The family is the best agent to transmit the necessary values to motivate children for further studies and therefore to continue training.

The opinion of the family is an essential conditioner factor for the academic and career choices of youth. It is very important that parents follow with spoezcna and support during the orientation process and decisions about the academic and professional future of their children.

Provide support through dialogue, not from taxation. When, in the guidance process, the children obtain the results about their selfknowledge, the tutor asks to the children to show the results and comment them with the family. That is a good opportunity to initiate the dialogue between children and parents and help children to analyze the different aspects that the report contains: When establishing this dialogue is important not to put much emphasis on the results achieved but in the opinions and expectations generated by the results with the idea to start thinking about a future option.

For all those reasons we can conclude that in all career guidance process families are the cornerstone, working together with schools. It is the responsibility of both to help and guide the young people. The process is achieved from the school by involving parents in the exciting world of education, and from families perspective, being open to suggestions proposed by the educational professionals.

It is very important families and school working together, especially in the orientation process because it is in that process when more young people need to feel accompanied. But it is a rewarding work and there are many pleasant surprises which we can find along the way. Don t forget is in the education of our children that families and schools must make an effort to work together for the common good of our society. Summary In Catalonia is the Educa on Department of the Catalan Government the responsible for establishing guidelines and tools for voca onal guidance and tutorial ac ons.

The Government Plan considers the Educa on one of the main priori es. One of the areas developed in the axis of Educa on is the Training and the Lifelong learning, integra ng the promo on of radzieaicz onal training andrzdj a great challenge.

The Government Plan considers families as an essen al element to achieve educa onal success and contribute to be er academic and social integra on of the children. The Educa on Department works on: Project From School to Career: The content of the project and related publication reflect the attitude of their author only and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for them.