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دراسة في طبيعة المجتمع العراقي A Study of the Nature of Iraqi Society. by علي الوردي Ali al Wardi · Paperback. $$ In stock on August 28, Books shelved as ali-alwardi: خوارق اللاشعور by علي الوردي, شخصية الفرد العراقي by علي الوردي, مهزلة العقل البشري by علي الوردي, منطق ابن خلدون by علي ال. Ali al-Wardi is the author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Ali al-Wardi’s books. Ali al-Wardi.

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This theory demolished the logical principle that classified people into two opposing types; one good with no inherit evil, alardi the other bad with no inherit good.

The time of sultans is long gone and has been replaced by nations.

Popular Ali Alwardi Books

He believed that the thinkers that preceded Freud believed that Man had one mind that controlled his actions and guided his behaviour, and if he deviated they blamed that mind and called on him to see reason and to learn his lesson, and if he failed, he deserved punishment.

Retrieved from ” https: Aristotelian logic is linked to the old traditional methods of thought and demonstration. In the context of ascribing meanings to actions, Freud highlighted a seemingly meaningless phenomenon that does not seem to reflect known motives. English Choose a language for shopping.

Thus, if someone proposes a religion to him that his mind does not like, he has no choice but to reject it.

Ibn Khaldoun believed that the problematic of the formal method was linked to the way of thinking which says that there are fixed intuitive bases in thought, or that there are constants on which formal logic is based, i. Ibn Tufail believed that the nooks mind grows in tandem with the body until it matures, just like Ibn Yaqdhan, who alaardi to think and deduce, through pure thought, the same truths that some great thinkers had deduced before him.


In this, Iraqi society is the exact opposite of the advanced industrial society that sees the truth from several angles because of its dynamism, openness and constant evolution due to its scientific and technical progress, widespread means of communication and well-developed media.

Ali Al-Wardi and his critique of the human mind. By Ibrahim Al-Haidari * – Iraqi Economists Network

Separating motives from self-consciousness, in particular, allows for the radical expansion of the scope of explanations based on motives. Mannheim underlines the idea that different groups see the truth from one side only, and that different interests, beliefs and values inevitably lead each group to see the truth from a different perspective.

One of the negative aspects of rationalism is that it is also a product of the prevailing social culture in which human beings are reared, and through which their mental abilities develop.

He worked as Professor at the Universities of Baghdad and of Algiers and published many books and essays on Ali Al-Wardi and various philosophical and social a,wardi in Arabic and in German. It is also not a pure, innocent or static tool that receives data like a computer; it is a mental activity made up of knowledge systems and their actual implementation.

The Shia agreed with them on that aspect. He drew his ideas from three major sources:. The story of Hai Aalwardi Yaqdhan is about an imaginary man who was born and grew up on an isolated island.

The mind is a power capable of understanding universals. This is when it realizes that there are ideas, values and concepts different to those it invented.

The reason is that Man is first guided by the deeper or unconscious mind, before the discerning mind intervenes to justify his actions. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. In fact, he wrote, Man first believes in the doctrine he inherits from his forefathers, and only later does he begin to rethink it. The most important works ofAli Al-Wardi are: During that time he used to spend his summers in the United Kingdom learning English in available institutes.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For example, when we explain a dream or make a slip of the tongue, we usually fail to understand the motive or motives behind it. For Al-Wardi, although the ancient philosophers saw Man as a rational animal, we have now come to realize that Man is not, in fact, as rational as rationalist Greek philosophy portrayed him to be.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Moreover, human nature has not changed despite the considerable change in values, habits and social beliefs, whereby Man has remained the same prejudiced alwaddi since time immemorial.

Ali al-Wardi (Author of Social Glimpses of Modern Iraqi History)

All things have reasonable causes, though philosophers here have a disagreement. This is why the rationalists believed that the human mind is limited, and accused it of being inadequate; beset by illusions and swayed by desires Al-Buleihi One of the factors that distinguish rationalism is its conviction that the alwardu is inadequate and capable of making mistakes.

It is from this perspective that Al-Wardi severely criticized the religious figures who used the old formal logic to justify their opinions. The old logic bokks applies neither to the past nor to the present era. His ultimate aim was to a,wardi Iraqi citizens access to these ideas with the aim of creating new intellectual spaces capable of accommodating modern scientific and sociological theories and, furthermore, to continue to interact with them and embrace all that is innovative, creative and productive.