May 10, 2020

4nec2\exe” folder, in your Word or Wordpad text editor. Other recommended sources for NEC related informations are the Nec-2 and Nec-4 user-manuals and . 4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. The program can be used to model an antenna, and then determine through. Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this

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Even if y ou know what you are doing. The horizontal wires cannot touch the ground.

The understanding of the coordinate system employed in a simulation program is fundamental both for the design of the models and to correctly evaluate the results 44nec2 the simulations. In regards of the maximum length of the segments Lsmaxthe following restrictions related to the wavelength are specified.

I find it far faster for initial entry than X-Y-Z entry of coordinates. Take into account that it is not allowed to use generators or loads in the ends of wires in open circuit [Ref. After thousands of optimizer iterations, It looks pretty good.

EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware***

Conventions for model representation. The method of the moments in which NEC-2 is based on, computes the interaction between segmentss. And, once they are translated, you can modify the card format, and, turn them into variable based models for optimization.

IF you toggle over to the 2D view, then, rotate through the 2D view, a colored traced on the slice of the 2D view follows the 3D view. It took 24 iterations in about 4 seconds. In the case of wideband or multiband antennas operating between a minimum frequency Fmin and a maximum frequency Fmax, I suggest the following strategy of design, for example with the help of a spreadsheet. Then, if that variable length for example needs changing, it can be changed in one place in the model mannual like a software program.

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It’s available from http: With the optimization functions I could find the best SWR and launch angles for the geometries. The program has two parts.

W8IO Antenna Site – TANT and 4NEC2

After many attempts at building antennas and not understanding what was going on, a wise ham suggested 4NEC2. The wires of a model can touch the perfect ground.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. This free software does everything and more the commercial versions do! Designing an antenna system with tough geomertrical and environmental constraints is tough. 4enc2 the other hand, mnual into account that not all the most known antenna simulation programs among all the available as shareware are based on this algorithm. The convergency test allows to determine the optimum number of segments to be used in a particular model.

Program Description – Code”. Very complex patterns appear at all bands c 3D wire view that is selectable on the antenna view that shows as default.

Some programs may impose conditions in this regard. I ran hundreds of combinations of antenna designs, shapes, feed points, etc.

EA4FSI-28T1 – Technical Articles

That is, the antenna must radiate all the power provided by the generator [Ref. In this manner I can tell if I need a 4: The 4nec2 base part works fine for 2D, but if you want the 3D modeling, get the 4nec2X download as well. Once you have ascended the learning curve, this piece of software can be fully appreciated for how amazing msnual is.

Emergency Communications glossary ESP.

EA4FSIT1 :: Notes on antenna simulation using NEC-2

Using just one of the tests does not ensure that the model will be adequate [Ref. Today, I designed and optimized a 3-element Moxon-like wire beam to hang vertically manyal the trees. The optimum segmentation level will be achieved at the step where no significant changes in both parameters are seen [Ref.


Then start modeling your antenna ideas! When first starting, after pressing the calculator button, select the far field option in the box which appears. In the simulation of arrays, it may be necessary to use several generators phase shifted.

At first, antenna modeling software is difficult to understand, primarily because of the Cartesian coordinate method used. In complex antenna models, the variable name can be re-used in multiple locations. This program is just awesome for experimenting with antennas in software. Hats off to Arie Voors! The optimizer is very powerful, but it takes a little experimentation to become familiar. The AGT consists in placing 4nex2 model, without loads and transmission lines, amnual the free space horizontal antennas or over perfect ground vertical antennas and then to simulate the 3D radiation pattern.

In the case of wideband or multiband antennas operating between a minimum frequency Fmin and a maximum manuual Fmax, Manuql suggest the following strategy of design, for example with the help of a spreadsheet Once the geometry of the antenna is defined, number the wires, identifying also their diameter Dh i and their length Lh i. In the simulations, the input impedance of the antenna would be erroneous, reaching too high values especially in the reactive part and a too low level 4necc2 would be generated through the mutual coupling between the part of the generator connected to the antenna and the piece of segment connected to the other pole of the generator, which remains in open circuit.

In summary, its free, its professional, works great and once you penetrate its outer crust of seeming complexity, its simple to operate.